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NYC and Broadway get worldwide promotion and support through Broadway Inbound's far-reaching marketing programs. As Broadway's front line, we connect with the global travel industry, developing deep connections between the live performing arts and potential travelers.

Our live promotional events around the world bring the energy of Broadway and NYC direct to buyers. And with our partners in London, Munich, São Paulo, Tokyo, Sydney, and Beijing, Broadway Inbound provides shows and clients with promo materials, shareable content, and insider info - making the buying and selling of tickets more accessible to travelers around the world.


THE BROADWAY COLLECTION is Broadway Inbound's flagship marketing initiative - enhancing the visibility of partner shows, events, and companies on Broadway and around NYC - focused on the domestic and international travel industry.

Launched in 2009, it gives tour operators and wholesalers a simple way to add a wide array of shows and events to their group, FIT, and inclusive package programs. Our team works with international travel professionals, keeping them in the know with full information on shows, pricing, schedules, and seat availability, and providing marketing assets and shareable content.

Shows, events, and companies that participate in this robust program get valuable exposure via Broadway Inbound's ever-expanding network of global connections, including wholesalers, journalists, and tour operators - and the millions of travelers they serve.


Our exclusive print and digital magazine is all about what’s playing on Broadway. Not only is the publication sent twice a year to Broadway Inbound's list of group leaders and travel professionals, it can be customized with your brand to help you educate your customers and simplify their decision making.
And it's FREE!
With insider articles and tips to make the most of any trip to NYC, it's the perfect way to let your consumers know what's going on.


Trade Shows / Missions

Every year, Broadway Inbound and its partners represent NYC shows and events at dozens of trade shows and missions around the world. These visits generate increased business from established partners in mature markets, and they also engage emerging markets, where our team educates about Broadway and plants the seeds for distribution partnerships.