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How To Plan

Broadway Inbound makes planning a trip to the theatre easy and fun, including the latest news and videos to help you discover the perfect Broadway show. In this section, we give you everything you need to plan a trip: travel resources, tips on requesting tickets, info on what to expect at the theatre, and more. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Tips for Booking Group Tickets

  • Always request the maximum number of tickets you could possibly use. You can always decrease the number prior to paying, but you may not be able to increase.
  • Provide up to two alternate choices (seating, date, or show) when placing a request. This site allows you to include up to three choices on the same request and place them in order of preference. Think about what’s important to your group—the seats, date, or price—and add your alternate choices accordingly.
  • For best availability, consider requesting the front mezzanine. Many Broadway theatres are smaller than you might expect, so sitting in the mezzanine can provide a great view and increase your chances of getting the show and date you want.
  • The same goes for weeknight performances, which generally have better availability than weekends. Plus, some weeknight performances start a little earlier—just be sure to check the start time when you place a request.


general broadway group sales questions

Call Broadway Inbound at 866-302-0995 or email us at Our current hours are Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.

Group minimums can vary by show—generally between 10 to 20 tickets. The minimum for each show is indicated on the individual show’s page on this site.

Many Broadway shows offer special discount rates for student groups. Some box offices require a letter on organization letterhead, before they’ll approve the special student rate.

Some shows offer a special “Early Bird” rate for groups that book early. If there is a special offer, you will see it indicated on the pricing grid for that show.

Some shows offer complimentary tickets with a minimum purchase. Please refer to the show’s pricing grid to see if the show offers complimentary tickets.

Every show page on this site contains a seating chart for that venue.

See all shows playing on Broadway.

Additional discounts cannot be applied to group purchases. Please refer to the details of a specific discount offer for restrictions.

If a show closes or cancels a performance, we will contact you with details and will help arrange tickets to a new show or a refund. If you already have received your tickets, you might be asked to mail them back to complete your refund.

Performances are rarely canceled due to weather conditions. If a show is canceled, we will make every effort to reschedule your group, or we may issue a refund if rescheduling is not possible.

Please contact Broadway Inbound immediately 866-302-0995 if your group will not be able to get to the theatre, due to weather conditions. We will make every effort to assist you in rescheduling, at the discretion of the box office.

Many Broadway theatres now limit picking tickets up at the box office. We offer an online, digital ticket delivery service on and always include the option for delivery by Federal Express if neither of those options work for you may call us at 866-302-0995 for assistance.

Theatres generally open for seating 30 minutes prior to curtain time. There may be a wait to enter the theatre, due to security. Give your group plenty of time to get to the theatre and find their seats. We generally recommend arriving 30-45 minutes prior to curtain time.


theatre etiquette

While there is no required dress code for a Broadway show, going to the theatre is a special occasion and many people do dress for the event.

You may be able to take pictures and talk about your experience before and after the show, or during intermission, but plan to turn off your phone during the performance. Using your phone or having a conversation during the show can be disruptive to fellow audience members. Many theatres offer free WIFI, and shows have great ways to share social content and be a part of the conversation.

Outside food and beverages are not permitted in the theatre.

Always arrive at the theatre before curtain time, especially if you’re picking up tickets at the box office. Seating a large group takes time, and so we recommend aiming to arrive between 30 and 45 minutes prior to the show. Some shows do allow seating for latecomers, some cannot.

No. Weapons are not permitted in the theatre.

booking broadway group tickets

You may place a request without payment. When your request is approved, you will be sent a confirmation with payment information and due date. After you submit payment, groups are a final sale—no cancellations or exchanges are allowed.

When requesting group tickets for a Broadway show, select the maximum amount of seats that you think you’ll need. You can reduce your order before the time of payment (provided you still meet the group minimum), but it can be difficult to add seats to a request.

Sure, we can accept group requests up until very close to the performance, depending on the show. Last minute group requests may require you to provide a method of payment up front.

Digital delivery has become the preferred way to receive group tickets for Broadway.  If there is time prior to your performance date, your tickets can be mailed to you via FedEx. Charges will apply. Tickets cannot be mailed to a P.O. Box or outside of the U.S. Tickets may sometimes  be held at the box office at no additional charge. However, some Broadway theatres no longer allow that option, particularly for pick up on the day of the performance you are scheduled to see.

Before you choose a show, it’s important to consider your group’s demographics and interests. For example, if your group includes multi-generations with a mix of young and older attendees and different tastes, you may want to choose a show with the broadest appeal. If your group is of similar age, or an affinity group, you may want to get a little riskier, try something you don’t know or a show that fits the niche your affinity group shares in. No matter what, the experts at Broadway Inbound can help you with the decision. Broadway is a great destination for groups of any size and for all ages. You can find tickets for any budget, and there’s always something new to see. See for yourself how diverse productions can be with our selection of the best Broadway shows for groups.

An official source of Broadway tickets for groups, Broadway Inbound is a trusted and reliable company that has been helping groups book tickets for over 15 years. We have a wide selection of tickets for all types of Broadway shows. If you're looking for discounted Broadway tickets for groups of 10 or more, you can purchase them through our website. Broadway Inbound is a great choice for anyone looking to see one of the world's most famous productions in the heart of New York City. 

seating locations and accessibility

Whenever possible, we will indicate your seats on your request confirmation. Some Broadway theatres do not provide this information, but the box office will give you the best seats they can within your selected seating section.

No, unless indicated, all of the seats we sell have a full view of the stage.

The box office will try to seat your group as close together as possible, depending on availability.

Seating requests can be added to the notes when you place your order. We will work with the box office to accommodate you when possible.

Most Broadway theatres do not have elevators or escalators. If someone in your group cannot easily use stairs, consider placing an order for the orchestra section—usually on the ground floor. Call us at 866-302-0995 if you have questions about a specific venue.

Venues can accommodate ADA seating with advance notice, including wheelchair locations, transfer seats with folding armrests, companion seating, and more. Be sure to note your ADA needs in your request. Visit for more information on ADA seating and other programs for audience members with disabilities.

paying for tickets

Group orders do not have service fees, with a few exceptions. For weekend evening performances or during the holidays, there may be a service fee. These fees will be indicated in a show’s price grid and will be included in the group rate.

This is a charge by the venue owner for maintenance and upkeep. This fee is always included in a quoted group price.

Due dates vary by show and are determined by your show’s box office. Your confirmation will indicate the due date for payment. If you need an extension or have questions about your due date, please contact us at 866-302-0995.

Of course! Your confirmation will contain instructions for paying by credit card.

We accept checks and money orders. Your invoice will contain instructions for paying by check or money order.

No, we are only able to accept one payment per group order.


Workshops are designed for all ages, from students to adults; however most classes are appropriate for kids ages 10 and up. Our workshop team will be happy to tailor an experience for a younger group.

Most workshops are priced for 20+ people, but we can accommodate smaller groups. Workshop studios can accommodate various group sizes, so depending upon the style of class and number of participants, larger groups may need to be split into different studio spaces with separate teaching artists.

Space in our studios is limited, so we allow one chaperone per 10 students, with a maximum of four. If additional parents and chaperones would like to attend or watch a workshop, the normal participation fee will apply.

For every 20 paid participants, we provide an additional complimentary pass, to be used by participants/students taking the workshops.

Most workshops are 60-90 minutes, with some exceptions.

Most workshop take place in the morning; however start times can be customized, based on your group’s schedule and the time of your group’s performance. Please keep in mind that many of our teaching artists are active theatre professionals, so scheduling must be done around their show times.

Most workshops take place in Broadway rehearsal studios in the Times Square area. Workshops for some larger groups, choruses, and orchestras may take place outside of the theatre district, due to space limitations. All effort is made to ensure groups can easily get to their performance.

Most workshops are active, and participants should be dressed comfortably. For dance workshops and classes, attendees should bring movement clothes and appropriate footwear.

Each workshop is private and designed just for your group’s abilities, age range, special needs, level of experience, and show you are attending.

Our workshops are custom designed just for your group, so even a theatre novice can enjoy and learn.

To help us tailor the experience, it is helpful for our teaching artists to know the age range of participants, level of experience, special requests (a specific show, scene, musical number), and any special needs.

Let our team know what you’d like to accomplish, and we can help you customize. Our teaching artists (actors, musicians, designers, technicians) have a wide range of professional experience and are excited to craft their workshops around a particular show or technical need.