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Holiday Food and Gratitude On Broadway

Broadway Inbound

‘Tis the season, and everywhere you look, New York City is full of holiday spirit. We checked in with a few Broadway stars and asked them what their favorite holiday dishes are, and what they’re feeling thankful for this year. Check out their responses below!

Jelani Remy (Eddie Kendricks, Ain’t Too Proud)
Dish: Stuffing.
Why: It’s so seasonal and when done right is the perfect accent to everything on the plate.
What I’m Thankful For: It’s very clear that I have much to be thankful for this year. I was able to join the amazing company of Ain’t Too Proud on Broadway! Not only that, I was given the opportunity to step in a lead role! That is so special and coveted and I pinch myself daily! The cast and crew have become family and I am grateful for the bond we have and grateful for the incredible show we get to perform.

Chris Bannow (Multiple Roles, Oklahoma!)
Dish: My Mom’s Lost Boy Pie, inspired by the movie “Hook”. 
Why: If you’ve never seen “Hook” please stop reading and start watching immediately. If you have, you surely remember the banquet scene where the Lost Boys are all eating from empty plates and bowls and platters. Robin Williams and Rufio start slinging insults, and then Robin flings imaginary food at Rufio’s face and suddenly all the food appears. It’s huge and decadent, and on the table are these bright purple and green and orange pies. My mom adapted this into a pudding and cream pie where she dyed the different layers bright bold colors and made my Lost Boy dreams come true. 
What I’m Thankful For: New York City, for helping me collide into people I never would have met otherwise. 

Jennifer Babiak (Golde, Fiddler On The Roof)
Dish: Thanksgiving Turkey.
Why: My Dad would sing a 'Here comes the Turkey' song every year when he would bring out the finished turkey on a platter and we would all join in. The song has now been passed on to the grandkids and we still sing it every year. This is my favorite holiday memory for sure. Turkey is also my favorite dish because the day after Thanksgiving we would make soup with the leftovers, using every part of the turkey to make a broth. That smell of it brewing all day was the best! 
What I’m Thankful For: The health and happiness of those nearest and dearest, and the Hallmark Channel! 

Steven Skybell (Tevye, Fiddler On The Roof)
Dish:  My Mama’s Pumpkin Pie.
Why:  It was the most delicious thing in the world! And now it’s literally a sweet reminder of my mother! Growing up Jewish in a small Texas town, it felt like we got two Thanksgivings: Passover and the traditional Thanksgiving. On both holidays, family would flock together for a festive meal. But my mother would ONLY bake pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  It was always delicious and became for me the emblem of Thanksgiving. 
What I’m Thankful For: I’m so grateful for our production of Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish. I’m so thankful that the company for me has become “mishpokhe,” which is Yiddish for family.  My life has been changed for the better by knowing and working with them.  On Thanksgiving I will drink a toast to them. And eat some pumpkin pie!

Antonio Cipriano (Phoenix, Jagged Little Pill)
Dish: My Great Grandma’s Stuffing.
Why: It’s my absolute favorite dish for Thanksgiving. It’s gotten to a point where whenever my mom comes to visit me in the city, I have her make a batch for me because it feels like home. 
What I’m Thankful For: I’m thankful for my family and how holidays can bring us together. 

Ryan Vincent Anderson (Trevor, The Play That Goes Wrong)
Dish: My Mom’s Baked Mac’n’Cheese.
Why: It is the definition of comfort food. It doesn’t really feel like Thanksgiving without it. A perfect ratio of cheese to noodles with an amazing seasoned breadcrumb topping browned to perfection. 
What I’m Thankful For: I am most thankful for a day off to spend Thanksgiving with my parents who mean the world to me. But I am also extremely grateful to have a job I love going to every day. 

Max FitzRoy-Stone (Jonathan, The Play That Goes Wrong)
Dish: Sherry Baked Ham.
Why: It is my mother’s killer dish and it is a holiday staple in our family. The smell of the sherry and cloves when it is cooking fills the whole house and is just heavenly. The duo brings so much flavor to the ham. I’m hungry just thinking about it! She always pairs it with parmesan crusted parsnips and red cabbage amongst other trimmings.
What I’m Thankful For: I’m thankful for a lot of things; my family in particular, but also everyone that I’ve shared a laugh with this last year. 

Chalia La Tour (Tea, Slave Play)
Dish: My Grandma Julia's Deviled Eggs.
Why: As a kid it was the first thing I was able to really help my Grandma out with when it came to Thanksgiving dinner. I loved that they are delicious and a silly food. Eggs would slip out of little hands, the piping bag would burst, but she always made it so fun for my sister and I, like we were making tiny bits of sculpture. And sculpture is messy and beautiful. That food is where she started teaching me how much fun can be put into feeding a family.
What I’m Thankful For: I am so grateful for the family and friends I have. I am surrounded by so much love and I hold that as the most precious gift. 

Jessica Phillips (Heidi Hansen, Dear Evan Hansen)
Dish: My Great-Grandmother’s Homemade Sweet Rolls.
Why: This is the one dish that has remained a part of every holiday meal, every holiday gathering, for as long as I remember. When my mom or my brother starts flouring the breadboard, then the holidays have truly begun! My mother also taught my sons the recipe, who now help bake every year - it's incredibly special to know that they are carrying on a century-long tradition and to be able to share in this every time we're all together.
What I’m Thankful For: I'm so grateful to be home with my family this year! I'm grateful for my DEH family and to be a part of such a meaningful, special story. I'm grateful for my health and the health and safety of my loved ones. I'm grateful to have a roof over my head and food on my table, a luxury for many. Mostly I'm grateful I have so much to be grateful for. 

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