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Camelot FAQs

Camelot is a legendary musical that has enchanted audiences around the globe since 1960. With music and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, this revival is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages. Set in the mythical kingdom of Camelot, the story follows the idealistic King Arthur, his beautiful Queen Guenevere, and the noble knight Lancelot as they strive to create a realm of peace and justice. With its timeless message of hope and courage, Camelot will surely be a memorable and inspiring experience.

Group discounts are available for tickets to Camelot. Whether planning a night out with your family or a special event with your coworkers, you can enjoy a discounted rate when you purchase tickets in bulk—10 or more people.

Discounted tickets are available for groups of 10 or more. Gather your family, friends, and colleagues and come to the show together. For more information on the group discounts and how to purchase tickets, please visit the show's page.

For most shows, whenever you purchase group tickets through Broadway Inbound’s system, you will be informed of exactly which seats you have purchased, along with the confirmation and invoice. Camelot at Lincoln Center definitely does provide locations along with the confirmation.

This classic musical, based on the King Arthur legend, has been reimagined for a modern audience and opened on Broadway on April 13th, 2023. The original Broadway production premiered on December 3, 1960. Camelot has delighted audiences worldwide for over half a century with its timeless story of King Arthur, Queen Guenevere, and the noble knights of the Round Table.

With its enchanting music, captivating characters, and exciting story, it's a perfect show to introduce young audiences to the magic of theatre. The show is recommended for children ages 5 and up. The experience is designed to be safe and fun for younger viewers and their families. Broadway Inbound’s staff is always available to lend a hand and answer any additional questions. Don’t hesitate to purchase your tickets and prepare for the journey to Camelot.

Camelot’s runtime is approximately 3 hours, including one 15-minute intermission.

The Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center is home to the celebrated production of Camelot. This classic Broadway show is based on the King Arthur legend and tells the story of a utopian kingdom led by King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and the legendary sage Merlin.

This theatre is a magnificent venue for world-class performances. With a seating capacity of 1,080, the theatre offers an incredibly intimate musical theatre experience for audiences. From the lobby's grandeur to the luxurious seating in the auditorium, you will feel like you’re in the heart of the action. The Vivian Beaumont Theatre is the perfect place to take in a show. Whether you’re watching a beloved classic or a brand-new production, you’ll be able to enjoy it in comfort and style.

If you’re searching for the best seat in the house, you’ve come to the right place. With the range of seating options and the intimacy of the Vivian Beaumont Theatre, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for your viewing pleasure. Whether you prefer to be up close and personal with the cast or you’d rather be a bit further away, there is a perfect seat waiting for you.

The policies vary by theatre. Visit the Broadway Inbound COVID page for info on your show.

The policies vary by theatre. Visit the Broadway Inbound COVID page for info on your show.

It is best to arrive at least 30 minutes before your show starts. This will give you plenty of time to find your seat. You can also take this time to purchase merchandise, visit the restroom, and get a feel for the theatre.

Whether going for a night out with friends or a special date, you'll want to pick an appropriate outfit for the occasion. Smart casual or a more dressy look is perfect for a Broadway theatre visit.

Broadway Inbound’s team understands how special a group outing to the theatre can be. That's why we make it easy to reserve group tickets for Camelot. The streamlined reservation process allows you to purchase tickets in bulk, saving you time and money. For an unforgettable night out, look no further than Broadway Inbound for your group tickets for Camelot.

Understandably, everyone wants to experience the show with their friends and family when they visit the theatre. That’s why Broadway Inbound’s team is pleased to let you know that groups of 10 and even more are usually seated together, and in any instance where the group may need to be split up a little to ensure the best possible seating, the locations, and seating options will be discussed with you. When purchasing group tickets, you will receive a special discounted rate.

Now's your chance to experience the legendary tale of King Arthur, Guinevere, and the Knights of the Round Table in a spectacular new production. With such a remarkable cast, stunning costumes, and just the overall setting of the Lincoln Center campus, this show will surely be a memorable experience. Your group will be captivated by the timeless story of love, loyalty, and honor, the beautiful music of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, the new book by Aaron Sorkin, and direction by one of Broadway’s best, the amazing Bartlet Sher. From the opening notes of the Overture to the final bows, you'll be mesmerized by the power of this classic musical.

Broadway Inbound is excited to offer the opportunity to experience Camelot on Broadway. Prices for the show range from $54 to $306, depending on your seating selection. Please note pricing is subject to change.

By securing group tickets in advance, you'll enhance your experience and create long-lasting memories with those who matter most while enjoying the wonders of live theatre at a more affordable price. Please visit the show’s page to take a more detailed look at the pricing.

The show premiered on Broadway in 2023 and is scheduled to run through the entire year. This timeless story of King Arthur, his Knights of the Round Table, and their quest for justice and love has been brought to new life in this remarkable revival. Check the “On Sale Through” section on the show’s page to stay updated on the dates available for Camelot.

Most of the shows do not allow backstage visits. Nonetheless, Broadway Inbound is pleased to offer you an opportunity to add an exclusive peek into the world-renowned art and technique of Broadway through our incredible series of workshops.

Broadway Inbound’s workshops let visitors explore the inner workings of Broadway, try their hand at some of the crafts, like singing, dancing, and instrumental music, and imagine themselves auditioning for that dream part in a Broadway production. Masterclasses are customizable and can be planned and adjusted considering your group’s skill level, interests, and preferences. Visit the “Workshops” section of the site to learn more and start planning.

Camelot on Broadway is recommended for children ages 5 and above. It is a classic retelling of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This show is perfect for introducing kids to the world of theatre and introducing them to classic stories from history. The show is packed with exciting music, beautiful costumes, and a story that will capture their imaginations.

If you’re planning a night out with a big group of friends or family, Camelot is the perfect show for you. Camelot is based on the classic Arthurian legend, set in a mythical kingdom with true love, betrayal, and epic adventure. The story is full of emotion and drama, and the music is stunning. With soaring ballads and lively dance numbers, Camelot is a show that will leave your group talking long after the curtain has dropped.

Group discounts are available for a minimum of 10 people buying together—perfect for a family outing, a corporate or educational event. So don’t wait—book your group tickets to Camelot today and prepare for a night of music and magic like no other. Gather your group and embark on a thrilling journey into the enchanting world of Camelot, where unforgettable moments and captivating performances await. 

It is no secret that organizing tickets for large groups can be intimidating, particularly if you’ve never done it, so our team wants to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Broadway Inbound offers discounted ticket pricing for groups of 10+ people.

To book your tickets, simply fill out the online form with the number of tickets you need, the section of the theatre where you’d like to be seated, and your desired performance date. Once your request is received, Broadway Inbound’s team will be in touch to confirm your booking and provide you with payment details.