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Video: Chicago's Jennifer Dunne Tells Her Broadway Story


When the lights come up after a Broadway show, everyone in the theatre has a new story to tell. That shared sense of community is what makes a trip to Broadway so special. In our series “My B’way Story,” we’ve shared stories from audience members who have seen shows that changed their lives. We’ve talked to Broadway theatre ushers and bag checkers and stage-doormen to learn why they love working on Broadway. We've even spoken with the performers who make the stories come to life, such as Dear Evan Hansen standby Colton Ryan.

Today, we’re bringing you another performer’s incredible Broadway story. Jennifer Dunne is currently performing in the company of Broadway’s Chicago, but her story is from her run in Oklahoma! several years ago. Check out the video below and hear about her father’s mad dash to watch her perform. Jennifer’s story is yet another example of Broadway’s extraordinary power to bring families together.

Author: Jacob Jones