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Video: Betsy Wolfe Sings "Everything Changes" From Waitress


We all love a jukebox musical, but it's even more exciting when a pop star writes an original score for the Broadway stage. In Waitress, that score is written by Sara Bareilles, the singer-songwriter behind many radio hits - including "Love Song," "King of Anything," and "Brave." By writing the music for Waitress, Bareilles was able to write songs for a whole range of characters and emotions. It's thrilling to watch an artist stretch new musical muscles, and the resulting score is fresh, dynamic, and deeply personal.

After a short cameo by Sara Bareilles herself, watch as the current star Betsy Wolfe sings one of the score's most heart-wrenching ballads. "Everything Changes" takes place near the end of the musical, but it's emotion makes just as much sense of out context. To hear the rest of the score, visit the show page below to purchase tickets to see Waitress on Broadway.

Author: Jacob Jones