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Staff Picks: Inspiring Women

Broadway Inbound

Each and every group is unique. Whether you're looking for a night out on the town with a group of your friends or planning a school trip, each group has its own specific wants and needs when it comes to picking the perfect Broadway show. Fortunately, no one knows Broadway better than our staff at Broadway Inbound. We're lucky enough to see almost every show that opens on Broadway, which makes every staff member on our team a bona fide theatre expert. 

There's nothing we love more than talking about our favorite shows, so we've assembled a list of some of our current Staff Picks. This time around, we're talking about the Broadway's most inspiring leading ladies.

Joe’s Pick: My Fair Lady

Joe Recommends:  My Fair Lady is a perfect blend of story and song with a perfect cast. Lauren Ambrose is sure to make theatre history as the iconic Eliza Doolittle, the young Cockney flower seller in this musical adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. And just thinking of hearing Lerner and Loewe’s score live with songs like “On The Street Where You Live,” “Get Me to the Church on Time,” and “The Rain in Spain” makes the excitement build even more. After seeing how director Bartlett Sher breathed new life into South Pacific and The King and I, this is without a doubt a show no one will want to miss.

Perfect For: This show would be perfect for any group, but especially for lovers of musical theatre and a great way to introduce student groups to one of the classics.

My Fair Lady in Three Words: Big. Lavish. Loverly.

Meet Joe: Growing up in RI, Joe’s exposure to Broadway was limited to the Tony Awards® and watching classic movie musicals like The King and I, Cabaret, and Oliver. That changed in his college years when he moved to NYC and could finally see new shows like A Chorus Line or skip class to catch a matinee of the revival of Man of La Mancha with Richard Kiley or Peter Pan with Sandy Duncan. That joy continues to this day, because there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a live performance of a show you love or discovering something new.

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Kevin’s Pick: Dear Evan Hansen

Kevin Recommends:  Dear Evan Hansen may be best known for the powerhouse portrayal of the title character, but this emotionally-charged original musical is grounded by the powerful performances of three iconic women. Rachel Bay Jones won a Tony® for her realistic portrayal of Evan’s single mom struggling to connect with her son, while Jennifer Laura Thompson and Laura Dreyfuss give stirring performances as a mother and daughter plagued by confusion and grief who find a new chance of hope in Evan. With a vibrant and contemporary score by the award-winning duo Pasek & Paul, and a book that bravely tackles mental illness, grief, and suicide, Dear Evan Hansen is an important piece of theatre that you won’t want to miss!

Perfect For: This show is perfect for young people, for lovers of contemporary storytelling, and for people who enjoy honest and beautiful stories that inspire you to think and feel and discuss complicated emotional issues.

Dear Evan Hansen in Three Words: Contemporary emotional magic.

Meet Kevin: Kevin saw the Tenth Anniversary Dream Cast of Les Misérables on PBS when he was young and was immediately hooked on theatre! For him, nothing can beat the sensation of being swept away by a new Broadway show, from the moment the lights come up and the action begins! “Theatre has the power to inspire us, entertain us, and challenge our understanding of the world,” says Kevin. “I have always wanted to be a part of sharing these stories and their important messages.

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Mandy’s Pick: Once On This Island

Mandy Recommends: I love Once On This Island because the staging is so unique and the passion by the performers is infectious. You feel like you are right there on the island exploring life with Ti Moune, and you’ll feel like jumping right on stage to dance with her! Once On This Island is a fable, let yourself get carried away with over the top characters, quick changes of setting, fantastical costumes, and fun plot twists. I went in excited for Lea Salonga, but left wow’d by star-making turns by Hailey Kilgore, Isaac Cole Powell, and Alex Newell.

Perfect For: Anyone who likes a unique experience on Broadway, those who like seeing young talent in their breakout roles, and witnessing veteran stars do what they do best.

Once On This Island in Three Words: Joyful. Stunning. Fable.

Meet Mandy: Mandy grew up stealing and wearing her father's vintage Broadway shirts (her favorite was Dreamgirls), and she had a major theatrical awakening when she saw a local middle school perform A Midsummer Night's Dream. "It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen," she said, and she was hooked. Her first trip to Broadway was when she was 18; she came with her grandmother, who had grown up on a farm and had never seen the big city before. During that trip, as she watched her grandmother cry with laughter during Spamalot, she realized how powerful it can be to make someone's Broadway dreams come true.

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Josh’s Pick: Chicago

Josh Recommends: My staff pick is Chicago. Currently the longest running musical revival on Broadway, this show has it all—but what you might not know is that this show is loosely based on a true story! If you are looking for a show that is sure to please, then come on down to the Ambassador and meet the merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail! These women will not settle for the hand that life has dealt them and instead take control of their own destiny, as much as one can from jail.

Perfect For: Audiences high-school age and up—and it’s especially perfect for a girl’s night out on Broadway!

Chicago in Three Words: All that jazz.

Meet Josh: Josh was first introduced to Broadway when he saw the 1995 touring production of Les Miserables. The sets, the songs, the finale—he was blown away. After he moved to New York and saw his first Broadway show, he was hooked. Josh loves the community of theater and the shared experience of seeing a show—he lives for that moment when the lights go down and the curtain goes up! What better industry to work in than the one that is unique to New York—Broadway!

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Author: Christine Nyland