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Series: My Perfect Broadway Day – Alex

Broadway Inbound

Here at Broadway Inbound, we proudly know a thing or two about Broadway. We’re frequently asked what shows we’d personally recommend and what we like to do around the city. We thought we’d take you behind the scenes on what our perfect Broadway day would look like! This time, we asked Alex, our press rep over in Germany what her perfect Broadway day would entail. Check it out below, and tell us about your perfect Broadway day over on our Facebook page.

My perfect Broadway day starts with the perfect morning view; there is no better way to see New York City than to watch the sun rise from the top of the Empire State Building (20 West 34th Street). It’s awe-inspiring, and because tickets are limited to 100 people, you’re guaranteed a fantastic view.

Next, coffee! Milk Bar Bakery, with 9 stores in New York, has absolutely delicious treats and some of the very best coffee. If you’re addicted to sweets like I am, make your childhood dreams come true and try the Birthday Cake—a vanilla rainbow layer cake, topped with rainbow cake crumbs and vanilla frosting.

I’d visit Milk Bar in Chelsea (220 Eighth Avenue), so my day continues with a stroll through the numerous design shops of the Meatpacking District, then wander over through the restaurants and shops of Chelsea Market (75 Ninth Avenue). Since you can never have too many sweets, I’ll stop by Sarabeth’s Bakery and then head downtown to explore the West Village. No skyscrapers, just tiny historical townhouses and small shops like Marc Jacobs’s book store Bookmarc (400 Bleecker Street).

Would you believe me if I told you I traveled more than 4,000 miles to see—and eat—the prettiest ice cream ever? Taiyaki Ice Cream (119 Baxter Street) is totally worth the trip: colorful, unicorn-styled frozen treats served in a cute fish shaped waffle. I swear, you won’t regret taking a detour to Chinatown for this—I mean, I traveled across an ocean!

After all this yumminess, it’s time for a long walk through the Central Park, which is just unbelievably beautiful no matter what season it is. And of course, my perfect Broadway day would not be complete without a visit to the Disney Store in Times Square (1540 Broadway)—two floors of endless magic! It’s almost too fun to leave, but I still have a Broadway show to see.

My perfect show to end this sprinkled, happy, magical, and yummy day is Waitress! This little slice of heaven is a recipe for happiness, and it impressed me with a smart mix of romance, humor, and heart—not to mention the mouth-watering smell of freshly baked pies!

Featuring a large, talented cast of Broadway favorites, colorful choreography, and unforgettable songs from Sara Bareilles, it’s an uplifting celebration of love, friendship, and motherhood. Treat yourself (if not with all those pies, then with the sweetest of all doctors, Dr. Pomatter.)

With a heart full of music, a belly full of sweets, and a New York state of mind, that is my perfect Broadway day!

Author: Alex Amling