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Mariah Carey Makes Surprise Appearance at Broadway's Some Like It Hot

Playbill News

The Queen of Christmas has arrived to Broadway! Pop diva, and five-time Grammy winner, Mariah Carey made an appearance at Some Like It Hot on Broadway on February 10. Carey, who is a producer on the show, stepped out on stage during curtain call to say some effusive words about the production. It was one of the first times she has spoken publicly about the show, or made a public appearance on Broadway.

The show's composer Marc Shaiman introduced Carey at the evening's curtain call, saying, "She’s made her presence known backstage with gifts and all sorts of things, and she’s finally here tonight ... Some like it hot but she loves it cold, because cold means Christmas and she’s the Queen of Christmas. Ladies and gentlemen, Mariah Carey!" Shaiman had worked with Carey previously, on her album, Merry Christmas II You and co-wrote the song "The Star" with Carey.

Walking on stage to cheers, and dressed in a floor-length sparkling black coat and knee-high boots, Carey was visibly excited about the production, exclaiming, “Beautiful beautiful music, incredible show, just everything. I did have a special favorite place where the lighting was GORGEOUS!”

Speaking off the cuff, Carey talked about why she chose to produce the show, saying that the original 1959 film that the musical is based on...READ MORE

Author: Diep Tran