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Find Out Our Off-Broadway Staff Picks

Broadway Inbound

Whether you're coming with a group of coworkers or celebrating your grandmother's 90th birthday, each group has its own specific wants and needs when it comes to picking the perfect Broadway show. Fortunately, no one knows Broadway better than our staff at Broadway Inbound. We're lucky enough to see almost every show that opens on (and Off-) Broadway, which makes every staff member on our team a bona fide theatre expert. 

There's nothing we love more than talking about our favorite shows, so we've assembled a list of some of our current Staff Picks. We're back with a new batch of our favorite shows, and this month, we're going Off-Broadway. Read our picks below, and stay tuned for even more Staff Picks next month.

Sue's Pick: Puffs

Sue grew up a theater kid, taking dance classes as far back as she can remember. Her first Broadway musical was the original production of Cats, which sent her on a mission to find every Broadway cast recording at her local public library. Sue loves having the opportunity to help others discover the joy of live theater.

All-Time Favorite Musical: “This is the painful question that makes every theater geek sweat. When forced to choose, I have to go with Stephen Sondheim's Merrily We Roll Along. It's the story of three friends and how their relationships change as they strive to create art. Although the original production flopped (with only 8 performances!), there's something about this show that speaks to my soul."

Sue Recommends: Puffs is a must-see for any and all Harry Potter fans. Whether you’re a casual viewer of the films or you’re someone who spent hours daydreaming about the world of Hogwarts, this is a show you won’t want to miss. This show is a clever and loving celebration of the Puffs: the everyperson who does amazing things. I laughed and cried, and I think you will too!

Perfect For: Anyone who's ever waited for their owl.

Puffs in Three Words: Funny, Heartwarming, Magical

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Catherine's Pick: The Gazillion Bubble Show

Catherine didn't discover her love for theatre until she was already working in the travel and tourism industry. After seeing shows like The Lion King and Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Catherine realized she wanted to see as many shows as she could. One of her favorite things to do is bring her family to Broadway, including the time her niece laughed so loud during Aladdin that she got shushed by another audience member.

All-Time Favorite Musical: “My very first Broadway musical is also probably my favorite: Beauty and the Beast. When I saw it, I literally thought that the movie had come to life before my very eyes. I actually thought that the person playing Belle was the same person from the movie! It was a totally magical experience."

Catherine Recommends: The Gazillion Bubble Show is the perfect show to introduce young audiences to the magical world of live theatre. I took my niece for the first time when she was two years old, and she absolutely loved it! We have gone back nearly every year since. It's the best stepping stone for Broadway, and it's perfect for all ages! Who doesn't love bubbles?

Perfect For: Families with young children. It's the only show with no age limit!

The Gazillion Bubble Show in Three Words: Fun, Bubbly, Impressive

To purchase group tickets for The Gazillion Bubble Show, click here.

Amanda's Pick: The Imbible

Amanda grew up stealing and wearing her father's vintage Broadway shirts (her favorite was Dreamgirls), and she had a major theatrical awakening when she saw a local middle school perform A Midsummer Night's Dream. "It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen," she said, and she was hooked. Her first trip to Broadway was when she was 18: she came with her grandmother, who had grown up on a farm and had never seen the big city before. During that trip, as she watched her grandmother cry with laughter during Spamalot, she realized how powerful it can be to make someone's Broadway dreams come true.

All-Time Favorite Show: "The thing I loved most about Indecent was how represented I felt on stage. It managed to combined the things about myself, and the issues I care about, all in one space: the importance of art and theatre, Jewish history and experience, LGBT issues, and freedom of speech and artistic expression. It was a beautiful tapestry of truth and hope."

Amanda Recommends: The Imbible is so much fun, and it's a completely unique experience. It presents the history of alcohol in a way that is really memorable, and you get three free cocktails along the way. I walked away feeling like I understood something about our shared history, and how alcohol was vital to the survival of the human race.

Perfect For: Groups of friends looking for a fun night out.

The Imbible in Three Words: Educational, Entertaining, Yummy

To purchase group tickets for The Imbible, click here.

Peter's Pick: Avenue Q

Peter grew up in a family of musicians and actors, and he has been seeing theatre for as long as he can remember. Peter loves the New York theatre community, saying, "Everyone is here to explore universal truths through story and song. Making theatre involves so many different people, but everyone is in it for the same goal: to create and share art, and hopefully better understand the world we're living in." 

All-Time Favorite Musical: "It's hard to pick just one! Recently I've fallen in love with Once, Matilda, and Fun Home, but I'm also a huge fan of those classic Golden Age musicals. I fell in love with Brigadoon when I was in a production in college, and I loved how big and sweeping and epic it is. It takes place out of time and space, and it is such a beautiful show that every night I walked off stage in tears."

Peter Recommends: Over the years I’ve seen Avenue Q at different points in my life, and it has always felt like seeing a reflection of my life on stage. It tells the universal and always-relevant story about what it's like to step into adulthood in a way that's both hilarious and touching. The music is so wonderful and catchy, and it always packs a powerful nostalgic punch. 

Perfect For: Adult groups that are looking to see a show that makes them laugh a lot.

Avenue Q in Three Words: Hilarious, Smart, Touching

To purchase group tickets for Avenue Q, click here.

Author: Jacob Jones