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Broadway Stars (and Their Characters) Reveal Their Fave Holiday Traditions

Broadway Inbound

The holidays are all about keeping traditions alive and making new ones. Of course, we love prepping to host friends and family, perusing shops in search of the perfect gift (and for the brave, heading out on Black Friday), busting out the old family recipe book, and hanging up decorations.

But this is theatre, and we love to be a little dramatic. We asked the stars from some of our best-loved shows not only what their favorite holiday tradition is, but what their character’s favorite holiday tradition would be as well! Check out their responses below and click over to their show’s page to book your group tickets. Cause seeing a show is a holiday tradition too!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Joel Meyers (Albus Potter)

  • My favorite holiday tradition would have to be baking and decorating (and consuming) holiday cookies every year around Christmas time.
  • As for Albus, his Mum runs a rather strict no-sweets program most of the year (understandably; he has a lot of un-channeled energy already), but I like to think that she always slips him a chocolate frog in his stocking on Christmas morning — their little secret.

Erik Peterson (Scorpius Malfoy)

  • My favorite holiday tradition (aside from my family’s spritz cookie recipe) is having the time to slow down and be with the people I love. Sometimes this means quietly reading together, though it also frequently means re-watching the Harry Potter films or going to see a play! (Hey, why not accomplish both by coming to seeCursed Child this holiday season?)
  • I don’t think Scorpius and I differ much in that way- I am sure that the most important pieces of the holiday for him are connecting with the people he loves and having some quiet reading time, or perhaps defeating Albus in some Wizard’s Chess. 

Little Shop of Horrors

Lena Hall (Audrey)

  • My favorite holiday tradition is opening presents. Mostly I love watching my loved ones open their gifts but I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t like opening gifts myself!
  • I think Audrey’s favorite holiday tradition would be decorating the Christmas tree! All her ornaments would be glass ones and would have been collected over time. She would have multicolored lights that dance around. And her most favorite part would be putting the silver tinsel on the ends of the tree branches. 

Aaron Arnell Harrington (Voice of Audrey II)

  • My favorite holiday tradition is having game night to kick off our family’s secret-Santa name drawings, wrapping up with a gospel Christmas dance/sing off!
  • Audrey II’s favorite holiday tradition would ABSOLUTELY be to have as many people possible over for supper, hopefully having already eaten... let’s just say, there wouldn’t be a more satisfied plant during Thanksgiving 😈



Jinwoo Jung (Juny)

  • My favorite holiday tradition happens on Seollal (Korean New Year.) Younger members of the family have to do Saebae(traditional bow) to older members of the family wishing their wellbeing for the new year. After that the elders hand out money as a thank you and wish the others well-being.
  • Juny'sfavorite tradition would actually happen on Mother’s Day. Juny wanted to make his mom happy since her life was ruined with Juny's dad not being around. 

 Lee (Ruby)

  • My favorite tradition is having a White Elephant gift exchange with my friends - we always try to bring the gift that will be locked first. So not only is it a contest of who brings the most popular gift, it's also a contest of who's wrapping job is most enticing so it gets picked ASAP!
  • Ruby's favorite holiday tradition is putting up an extravagant Christmas tree at RBY'S recording studio, and adding a holly to the RBY logo. It's very classy. 

Kate Mina Lee (Miyeon)

  • Sleeping in and huge fam dinners are my favorite holiday traditions🤍
  • Miyeon would probably love a fun RBY family get-together or a white elephant gift exchange.

Lina Rose Lee (Swing)

  • Putting up the Christmas tree and taking a hundred selfies is my favorite holiday tradition.
  • Well, I have 5 different characters to cover, so I think their favorite holiday traditions would be: 

                           Riya - Get drunk 

                           Tiny - Sleep all day all night 

                           Miyeon - Get all the sweets, eat all of it and worry right away 

                           Ivy - Doesn’t care. It’s just another day

                           Sonoma - Run the holiday singing competition in the family

Kevin Woo (Jun Hyuk)

  • I love gathering with friends and family at home and eating home cooked meals while listening to Christmas music. Eggnog is a must!
  • What would my character’s favorite holiday tradition be? Probably doing a Christmas concert or fan meeting for his fans!


The Book of Mormon

PJ Adzima (Moroni/Elder McKinley)

  • My favorite holiday tradition is watching “White Christmas.” The season hasn’t started until I’m watching those spectacular musical performances.
  • Elder McKinley loves a production number, so I’m sure he’s also a big fan of the film. He would have all the Mormons doing “choreography” this holiday season, and finish with a duet of “Sisters” with Elder Price.