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Broadway Shows for Music Enthusiasts

Few things are as exhilarating as experiencing a Broadway show. The geniuses of musical theatre keep bringing grand original pieces and clever reimaginings of pop, rock, and jazz hits to Broadway audiences. Thanks to this, Broadway today has a lineup of musicals featuring some iconic popular tracks from previous decades and some fresh, unconventional style mixes, like a blend of show tunes and R’n’B.

Whether you're already a fan of classic Broadway ballads or well-versed in iconic rock albums, there's a show for you to uncover this magical art form. From the electrifying energy of MJ to the timeless story of Chicago, Broadway will satisfy you–whatever your tastes–with good music and intricate storytelling.

Beautiful Noise Neil Diamond Musical Broadway Group Sales tickets

A Beautiful Noise — Musical Celebration Of Neil Diamond

A journey through the life and art of the famous performer, this show includes hits like “Sweet Caroline,” “America,” and “Cracklin' Rosie.” It showcases the impressive range of songs Neil Diamond has recorded over his career, from 1960s rock’n’roll tunes to his most recent pieces.

A Beautiful Noise on Broadway is a must-see for any long-lasting fan of Diamond's work, as it offers a comprehensive look into his life and an intimate glimpse of how his music was born. The show's score has been carefully composed to replicate the original style and delivery of the artist, and the lead actor, Will Swenson, demonstrates remarkable skill in capturing the essence of Neil's character.

The production team behind A Beautiful Noise put together an unforgettable experience for viewers with a variety of storytelling techniques—energetic choreography, complex sets, lighting and sound design, video projection, auto-biographical elements, and flashbacks—to create an atmosphere that transports the audience to different moments of the artist's life.

Whether you're a lifelong fan or just getting to know Broadway or Diamond’s work, A Beautiful Noise rocks, and you’ll be surprised not only by the vast scope of The Basher’s writing but also by how many of his songs you may already know!

Group tickets to A Beautiful Noise

Hamilton — Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Hamilfans

The first Broadway show to feature a score almost entirely consisting of rap and R'n'B, Hamilton is truly unique. This award-winning production is full of challenging rap verses, heartfelt ballads, and flaming anthems, making it an ideal choice for music lovers searching for a meaningful story.

Popular among theatregoers ever since it debuted in 2015, the show tells the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, his rise to power, and his eventual fall in the eyes of the public. Hamilton is an expressive and deep exploration of a turning point in American history. The musical features a predominantly non-white cast, which lends a refreshingly modern perspective to the events of the American Revolution.

Over the years, the show has become a true cultural phenomenon, and its use of modern music has made it more accessible to younger audiences. The “Cabinet Battles” between Jefferson and Hamilton, the 60s Britpop-style break-up song “You’ll Be Back” by King George III, and “Guns and Ships” from fan favorite Lafayette opened the door for many young people to gain a better understanding of history and to be inspired to learn more. Hamilton has received immense praise from critics and audiences, collecting a Pulitzer Prize, eleven Tonys®, and a Grammy within the second year of its Broadway run.

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MJ Michael Jackson Musical Broadway Group Discount Tickets

MJ — Experience the rich legacy of Michael Jackson

This electrifying musical production based on the life of “The King of Pop” combines the classic sounds of MJ’s music with the latest audio-visual technology, creating an unparalleled experience for the audience. The show follows Jackson's journey from his early days as a child prodigy through his meteoric rise as an independent pop star. Featuring some of his most famous songs, from his beginnings within The Jackson 5 to the ingenious solo hits, MJ is a touching tribute to the legendary artist.

Jackson’s signature choreography from classic music videos and live shows is used to bring some of his most beloved songs to life on stage once again. From the iconic “moonwalk” to the spellbinding “Smooth Criminal lean,” the dancing in the show is an homage to MJ's distinctive style. And the genuinely respectful and accurate portrayal of “The King” by Myles Frost will make you forget that it’s a Broadway show and not a concert.

With MJ’s setlist packed with music, you’ll enjoy hits like “Thriller,” “Billie Jean,” “Bad,” “Black or White,” and many more. The show is an incredible way to get your friends and family together for a night of fun, memories, and great sound.

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Moulin Rouge Broadway Musical Group Discount Tickets

Moulin Rouge! The Musical — a score of beloved pop songs of the 20th century tells a well-known love story.

The  Broadway adaptation of the 2001 hit film Moulin Rouge! is a fantastic choice for any music lover. It captures the original movie's spirit of young love and artistic hardships while adding its unique touches. The musical transports audiences to the Bohemian revolution of 19th-century Paris, where the characters are driven by romance, passion, and fame. Every song in its score is infectious, and each scene is a stunning visual spectacle. Blending modern pop and rock hits with a story inspired by Puccini’s opera, La bohème, Moulin Rouge! The Musical is able to create a captivating atmosphere.

The music chosen for each number naturally drives the narrative forward as the characters’ relationships and emotions are brought to life through well-loved lyrics and melodies. Featuring grooves like “Lady Marmalade,” “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record),” “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” “Nature Boy,” Don’t Speak,” “Chandelier,” and many more, the show is sure to make your heart sing and dance. From the rousing “Firework” by Katy Perry to the touching “Your Song” by Elton John, each composition in Moulin Rouge! The Musical adds to the show's charisma and effectively opens up characters and contexts.

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Many use music to express themselves and say things they can’t put into words. For some, music is just a fun pastime to share with friends or enjoy in solitude. You can appreciate classical music or be fascinated by theatrical show tunes; it is clear that music, in all its diverse forms, has a way of touching every heart. Broadway offers an array of productions for those who crave a night of good music. With the sheer variety of genres, from classic jazz to modern rock, rap, R'n'B, and soul, everyone can find a show they will love on Broadway. And Broadway Inbound is always there to assist

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