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Kimberly Akimbo FAQs

Kimberly, a teenage girl, is forced to confront her mortality at an early age. Through her journey, she meets a colorful cast of characters, including her eccentric family, mysterious neighbors, and a quirky young doctor. Along the way, Kimberly discovers the power of love, friendship, and, ultimately, her own strength and courage.

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When placing a request, you select the section where you would like to be seated and that fits your budget. Once you have submitted the group request, the order is reviewed and confirmed – hopefully – and at that time, the seats are put on hold for you.
If, by any chance, the request you made is not available, Broadway Inbound will work with you to select an alternative date or section of the theatre where an order may be confirmed.
An invoice is then sent to you, which serves as the confirmation. For most shows, including Kimberly Akimbo, the locations you have been assigned will be included with the invoice.

Kimberly Akimbo is the much-anticipated Broadway show that premiered on Broadway on November 10, 2022. The musical follows the story of a teenage girl with a rare aging condition as she navigates the ups and downs of growing up.

The show is recommended for audiences ages 10 and up. It’s a show that speaks to both young and old alike and will leave you with plenty of topics to think over and discuss with everyone who attended with you, as well as those who should have.

Kimberly Akimbo is a heartwarming story full of humor, hope, and friendship. It follows the adventures of Kimberly, a teenage girl with a rare and mysterious condition that causes her body to age faster than it should. Despite her illness, Kimberly is determined to live life to the fullest.

The show has a runtime of 2 hours and 25 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission. Take this opportunity to escape the everyday and be transported to a world full of laughter, tears, and joy. The talented cast and crew have worked hard to bring this story to life as authentically as possible, and our team can’t wait for you to join in.

Kimberly Akimbo is playing at the Booth Theatre. This award-winning comedy will surely delight audiences of all ages with its charming story and captivating performances.

Booth Theatre is located in the heart of New York City's theatre district, with 766 seats available. The theatre is designed to provide a comfortable, intimate, and enjoyable experience for all its guests.

The best seats depend on your tastes. Whether you prefer to be close to the stage or further back for a broader view, there is an excellent option. For those who like to be up close and personal, it is best to opt for seats in the Orchestra section. The Orchestra is closest to the stage. Plus, you'll be able to see every detail of the performance. If you prefer a more expansive view of the show, the Mezzanine section is a perfect option for you.

The policies vary by theatre. Visit the Broadway Inbound COVID page for info on your show.

The policies vary by theatre. Visit the Broadway Inbound COVID page for info on your show.

To ensure that you have the best experience possible, it is best that you arrive at the theatre at least 30 minutes before showtime. This will give you plenty of time to find your seat, take photos, and settle in before the show starts.

It is crucial to dress comfortably and confidently and show respect for the performers. When deciding what to wear to the theatre, it is best to lean towards a smart casual style.

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Kimberly Akimbo is an offbeat comedy about a young girl living with a rare condition that causes her body to age faster than usual. As she navigates her awkward teenage years, she discovers the true meaning of family and friendship. You can expect a night of laughter and tears at Kimberly Akimbo on Broadway; the story is told in the most respectful and genuine way possible, adding touches of humor and easygoingness to situations where it seems impossible to think positively.

The cost of group tickets to Kimberly Akimbo ranges from $50-$265 per person, depending on the seat location and date of the show. To ensure you get the best available seats for your group, visit the show’s description page for any updates on pricing and availability, as both are subject to change.

This beloved dark comedy premiered on Broadway at the end of 2022. Broadway Inbound invites you to join the celebration of Kimberly's incredible journey as she faces her daily struggles with courage and humor. Be part of the audience at Kimberly Akimbo in 2023 and experience this unique and heartwarming story for yourself.

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Broadway Inbound recommends this show for children 10 years of age and older due to some mature themes. The show is a great opportunity to introduce young viewers to a range of themes, including family dynamics, disability, and the power of the human spirit. The cast and crew bring these themes to life in an engaging, thoughtful manner.

Kimberly Akimbo is a show that will leave your group feeling inspired and uplifted and with much to discuss. It is an excellent musical option to see with a group of students or with your loved ones.
Kimberly Akimbo tells the story of a teenage girl living with an aging condition who–despite her struggles–-is determined to live her life to the fullest. Audiences are sure to be moved by this touching story, which has been praised by critics for its warmth and wit.
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Yes. By taking advantage of group discounts, you can enjoy significant savings on the regular ticket price when you purchase a minimum of 10 tickets for Broadway’s Kimberly Akimbo. This makes it an excellent option for larger gatherings or special events, enabling you to share the experience with friends, family, or colleagues without overspending.

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We highly recommend requesting the maximum number of tickets when placing a group order. After verifying availability, we will confirm your request through an invoice. You have no obligation to purchase any of the tickets that have been placed on hold, but please be aware that the invoice will specify a due date for payment of the final ticket count. At this stage, you have the option to modify your order. Although you cannot increase the number of tickets, you can reduce them without penalty, as long as the final numbers do not drop below the group minimum. Once payment is made, the sale is considered final, and the tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

A quality seat at a Broadway show is important because it allows you to fully enjoy the performance. To ensure quality seating, buying tickets long before the show date is best. Acquiring your Broadway tickets at least three months before the show will increase your chances of getting your dream seats.

As you coordinate your group's Broadway visit, remember to pay attention to some valuable recommendations.

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When determining which Broadway show suits your group, consider the age requirements and the group's preferences. 

Groups venturing to NYC for Broadway shows should take note of some show policies. Make sure to arrive on time for Broadway productions, as they often do not accommodate late seating. You are not permitted to take photos while attending a Broadway show. Filming is not allowed to ensure the safety of performers, as camera flashes may cause disorientation or accidents on stage.


The Booth Theatre offers step-free access from street level to the lobby and Orchestra areas, with automatic doors on Shubert Alley for smooth entry. Wheelchair spaces and companion seats can be found towards the rear of the Orchestra, which is fully step-free, and transfer seats are also available throughout the section.
Be aware that no elevators or escalators are within the venue.
A wheelchair-accessible unisex restroom is conveniently located on the main level for guests. Furthermore, the Booth Theatre ensures a comfortable experience by providing at-seat service for beverages and refreshments.

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Kimberly Akimbo is a must-see for those who faced life difficulties early on or those who have loved and supported a teenager. Don’t miss this funny, moving, and uplifting show. Get your tickets now for a memorable evening at the theatre.