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Watch the The Little Prince Cast and Creatives Tease New Broadway Adaptation

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A stage adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's best-selling novel The Little Prince begins previews of its limited Broadway run March 29, ahead of its April 11 opening night. Directed and choreographed by Anne Tournié with an adapted libretto by co-director Chris Mouron, the production features original music by Terry Truck and aerial artistry. Watch the video below to see Tournié, Mouron, and primary cast members Lionel Zalachas and Laurisse Sulty discuss the workings of this new adaptation.

Describing the title character, Zalachas said, "The Little Prince is the hidden child within anybody. There's not one Little Prince, it really depends on everybody. It has a different meaning for people. For me, I would say, it's a kid that loves things that grown ups can't see." The clips above give insight into the conception of the immersive production, as well as a sneak peek of the featured choreography and stunts...CLICK TO WATCH 

Author: Raven Brunner


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