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Video: The Creators of Indecent On Why Art Matters


When Rebecca Taichman and Paula Vogel began work on Indecent in 2010, neither could have imagined how deeply relevant it would become by the time it arrived on Broadway. The play tells the story of artists in 1923 fighting for what they believe in, despite the government's attempts to silence them. The play tackles huge and contemporary ideas including love, immigration, and free speech.

On Indecent's opening night, the Broadway cast and creative team had a lot to say about the importance of their show and art in general. Playwright Paula Vogel said, "I hope we leave the show wanting to be closer to each other, and realizing that we can't allow America to construct borders. We're a nation of immigrants." Check out the video below to see what the creative team and celebrity guests had to say. Indecent is nominated for this year's Tony Award for Best Play, and tickets are available by visiting the show page below.

Author: Jacob Jones