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Video: Telling Stories At Once On This Island


"From the beginning of time we've been gathering around a fire in a circle to tell each other stories, and that's what we're doing every night," says Michael Arden, director of Once On This Island.

The show tells the captivating story of Ti Moune, a young peasant girl on a journey to reunite with her love—no matter the cost. Caught up in the tension between the rigid social classes on her island, and—unbeknownst to her—a bet between the gods of Love and Death, Ti Moune must prove that love is strong enough to do what seems impossible—bring worlds together.

In this new video, the cast and creative team talk about the legacy of storytelling and the immersive world they create every night on Broadway. Warm your hands by the fire and click on the show page link to book your tickets to Once On This Island.