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Video: Oslo's Drama in Diplomacy


Oslo tells the little-known story of how Norwegian diplomats worked tirelessly to broker peace between Israel and Palestine through secret talks in 1993. The play is a love letter to those who strive towards peace without seeking the spotlight or even credit for their work. To honor real-life diplomats, the cast played a special performance for diplomats from the United Nations, members of international political establishments, journalists, and politicians. The play's director, Bartlett Sher, remarked on his hopes for the audience's reaction to the play: "I'm hoping that they're proud of the work, proud that the work that they do is represented for as powerful and intellectual and idealistic as it is."

The performance was an unqualified success. Terje Rod-Larsen, President of the International Peace Institute, the group that hosted the performance, said of the performance, "What they manage to do is to portray a ray of hope. What seems to be impossible to do actually is possible." Due to popular demand, Oslo has extended through July 16, 2017, so book your tickets to this "ray of hope" by visiting the show page below.


Author: Jacob Jones