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Video: Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells Star in Gutenberg! The Musical!


Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells – who became pretty famous on Broadway and then extremely super famous out in Hollywood – are coming back to their musical theater roots in Gutenberg! The Musical!

In this two-man musical spoof, a pair of aspiring playwrights perform a backers’ audition for their new project - a big, splashy musical about printing press inventor Johann Gutenberg. With an unending supply of enthusiasm, Bud and Doug sing all the songs and play all the parts in their crass historical epic, with the hope that one of the producers in attendance will give them a Broadway contract – fulfilling their ill-advised dreams. Check out the stars reunited in the video above, then secure your tickets to see Gutenberg! The Musical! on Broadway by visiting the show page below.



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