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Video: How Do You Choreograph Cats?


After taking the world by storm, the musical sensation Cats is back where it belongs: on Broadway. The record-breaking musical originally played Broadway for 18 years, before it left to play around the world in 30 countries and 15 different languages. Now Cats is back, and better than ever. The music you love is made fresh again thanks to updated choreography by Hamilton's Andy Blankenbuehler.

In the video below, Blankenbuehler speaks about the unique challenge of keeping the DNA of what's special about Catswhile also updating it for today's audiences. Clearly he succeeded in his mission, because the dancing in the Cats is even bigger, bolder, and more dynamic than it was in 1982. See it for yourself by visiting the show page below to request group tickets. 

Photograph by Matthew Murphy

Author: Jacob Jones