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Video: Go Behind the Scenes with Cats


After taking the world by storm, the musical sensation Cats is back where it belongs: on Broadway. The record-breaking musical originally played Broadway for 18 years, before touring around the world in more than 30 countries and 15 different languages. As you'll see in the video below, it was important for the creators to honor the legacy of the original production, while also bringing this new revival into 2017. The cast and creative team all fondly remember the original production, but they've managed to make the show bigger and better than ever before. In the video below, listen to the team behind Cats talk about how they faced the challenge of re-imagining this beloved musical. 

Now that you've seen the behind-the-scenes footage of the cast of Cats filming an exciting new commercial, take a look at the finished product below. Listen to Mamie Parris belt "Memory" and Hamilton and Bandstand choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler talk about the inspiration behind his updated feline dances. 

Cats is currently on sale through December 30, 2017. Visit the show page below to book your tickets today. 

Author: Jacob Jones