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Video: Audiences Are Roaring For King Kong On Broadway


It's a familiar story; in the midst of the Great Depression, the fearless young actress Ann Darrow thinks she's found her big break when a fast-talking filmmaker promises to put her in his next movie. But her road to stardom takes a turn when the production encounters a 20-foot-tall, 2,000-pound ape known only as Kong. Ann finds an unexpected kindred spirit in this magnificent, untameable creature. But when Kong is captured and brought back to New York City to be displayed for the masses, she’s faced with a terrible choice. Will Ann follow the call of her own ambition? Or can she find the strength to stand up for what’s right?

Watch the video below to hear what audiences are saying about this marvelous retelling of a famous tale. Then, click the  show page link below to book your tickets to see King Kong for yourself!