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Video: Alyssa Fox Takes Wicked to New Heights in New York City


Wicked, the Broadway sensation, looks at what happened in the Land of Oz…but from a different angle. Long before Dorothy arrives, there is another girl, born with emerald-green skin—smart, fiery, misunderstood, and possessing an extraordinary talent. When she meets a bubbly blonde who is exceptionally popular, their initial rivalry turns into the unlikeliest of friendships… until the world decides to call one “good,” and the other one “wicked.” 

Wicked has been dazzling audiences for over 20 years on Broadway, and current Elphaba, Alyssa Fox, took to the top of the Empire State Building in New York City to give an electrifying performance of "The Wizard and I." Check it out in the video above, then book your tickets today to see Wicked on Broadway.