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Understudy Mikayla Renfrow Got the Call to Go On At Aladdin...While She Was on a Plane

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Mikayla Renfrow had just finished up a week-long European vacation and was set to return Tuesday to her ensemble track in Disney's Aladdin on Broadway. But, as sometimes happens, her flight was delayed. Stage management understood. They've been there before. They would put another actor in Renfrow's track for the evening and see her on stage the next day. 

However, about four hours into her flight, she received a text: "Mikayla...please send an updated eta when you can. I may need you for Jasmine tonight." And that's when the adventure really started. It turned out that current lead Sonya Balsara had taken ill and Renfrow was the only cover available for that evening's performance.

The Delta Air Lines flight was set to land at about 5 PM at JFK. It was a 7 PM curtain. No way would she make it, right? WRONG...READ MORE

Author: Talaura Harms


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