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Tony Nominee Maryann Plunkett, Joy Woods, and Jordan Tyson on Playing the Same Character in The Notebook

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Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook is heralded as one of the most beloved romance novels of the modern day. But to the stars of its new musical adaptation—now playing on Broadway at the Schoenfeld Theatre—its message and impact expands much farther than just one (fictional) couple’s love story.

The musical follows Noah and Allie throughout three core stages of their life. The show marks an individual milestone in the careers of each of its leading lady: Jordan Tyson is making her Broadway debut as Younger Allie, Joy Woods is originating a role on Broadway for the first time as Middle Allie, and Maryann Plunkett returns to the Broadway stage after 16 years as Older Allie (earning a Tony nomination in the process). 

Though all drawn to the project for separate reasons, the three performers share one soul onstage as they embody Allie: a strong-willed creative and hopeful romantic, raised in a comfortable home by successful parents. Her counterpart, Noah, is rougher around the edges, opting out of college and working hard to support himself and his father. Their different backgrounds are, at one point, what separates them for a decade. But, as Tyson puts it, their differences are also, ultimately, why they were made for each other...READ MORE



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