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To Aaron Tveit and Sutton Foster, Sweeney Todd is a Love Story

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A new deadly duo has arrived on Fleet Street, with Tony winners Aaron Tveit and Sutton Foster stepping into the roles of Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett in the hit revival of Stephen Sondheim-Hugh Wheeler’s Sweeney Todd. Both in the prime of their decades-long careers, Tveit and Foster aren’t allowing themselves to be boxed in by what they’re known for. They’re expanding into roles that seem like the antithesis of the performances that have, so far, defined them—but Tveit and Foster attest that there are more similarities than you’d think.

For Foster, the comedy and never-ending fuse of excitement is a familiar hallmark of her best-known roles. From Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes to the heroine of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Foster’s high energy onstage is one of the many things that has defined her show-stopping performances. Though Mrs. Lovett contains darkness, she also burns bright. “She’s so excited, it’s super high energy…I think she has a real sense of humor about her lot in life,” says Foster. “She’s always really trying to seek the positive. Even the fact that she wants to decorate the room with flowers and daisies, she wants to brighten up the gloom. I don’t think she seeks darkness, I think she seeks light.”

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