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Peter Waugh was nominated as one of the 2018 Groups Today Top 10 Next Gens by readers for making a difference in the industry. His lifelong passion for theater led him to his role as Domestic Sales Manager for Broadway Inbound, where he does all he can to make Broadway accessible and relatable to everyone.

How did you become involved in the group travel industry, and what led you to your position as Domestic Sales Manager with Broadway Inbound?

This is a story I tell frequently. I moved to New York to pursue a career as a performer. I was auditioning as often as I could and continuing to study voice and technique, but needed to have a day job to support myself. I had previous experience in food service but decided that I didn't want to pursue that lifestyle, so I found a job as a salesperson at a software company.

Over time, the grind and the heartbreak of being a performer had lost its appeal. The fun and joy of it had lessened, so I knew I had to give it up. However, I knew that I had to find something that was related to theater—which I have known and loved my whole life.