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Series: My Perfect Broadway Day – Kristy

Broadway Inbound

Here at Broadway Inbound, we proudly know a thing or two about Broadway. We’re frequently asked what shows we’d personally recommend and what we like to do around the city. We thought we’d take you behind the scenes on what our perfect Broadway day would look like! Check out Kristy’s day below, and tell us about your perfect Broadway day over on our Facebook page.

As a born and raised Floridian, I grew up with no understanding of seasons or anything that went beyond sweltering heat. For me, a perfect day in New York City would be to take advantage of cooler temperatures, changing leaves and the fact that Broadway is just a few subway stops away.

I’d wake up slowly, make a coffee at home and open my windows to feel the crisp fall air fill my apartment. I’d call a friend and we’d map out our plan for the day. There’s a sweet spot somewhere in the middle of the season where the leaves are just starting to turn orangey-red, but the sun is still shining. This is the perfect time for a picnic in Central Park.

Since I live on the Upper East Side, my friends and I usually like to walk to the park and decide on food as we go. My favorite thing about the city is that there’s always something yummy nearby. Sometimes the mood is a cappuccino and breakfast bowl from Bluestone Lane and sometimes the mood is full-blown Italian spread from San Matteo!

We’d spend the entire afternoon laid out on a blanket in the grass – reading, eating, chatting and laughing. And just before sunset we’d pack up and get to the best part of the day – seeing a Broadway show. This is All I Really Want in life.

Jagged Little Pill opens on Broadway November 3rd at the Broadhurst Theatre and I could not be more excited. Inspired by the themes of Alanis Morissette’s Grammy Award-winning album, the show will take us down an emotional journey through the songs of all of our generations. And let’s just say adult me is just as big a fan as middle school me.

It’s a big-hearted musical about relationships, communities and the lessons You Learn from this Crazy thing we call life. Living in New York means dreaming big, working hard and learning every day. To be able to share these special moments of joy at the park or in a Broadway theatre is what makes it so worth it.

Author: Kristy Thai