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Series: My Perfect Broadway Day – Anthony

Broadway Inbound

Here at Broadway Inbound, we proudly know a thing or two about Broadway. We’re frequently asked what shows we’d personally recommend and what we like to do around the city. We thought we’d take you behind the scenes on what our perfect Broadway day would look like! This time, we asked Anthony, our press rep over in the United Kingdom, what his perfect Broadway day would entail. Check it out below, and tell us about your perfect Broadway day over on our Facebook page.

My Perfect Broadway day would begin with an early morning stroll to Maison Kayser for a delicious breakfast, a little slice of Paris in the heart of NYC. My local is on Broadway at 75th Street as I usually stay on the Upper West Side, a delightful Manhattan residential area with easy access to the hustle and bustle of midtown.

As it’s nearby, I’d then head to the huge American Museum of Natural History (Central Park West and 79th Street), founded in 1869 and one of the largest natural history museums in the world. An astonishing array of artifacts so you need to allow plenty of time to soak it all in!

As the museum is across the road from Central Park, I’d then make my way there for a leisurely walk through this iconic green space. It’s so huge, you have to be careful not to get lost in its beauty. If I have time, I’d enjoy a cocktail at The Aviary on the 35th Floor at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (80 Columbus Circle) with sweeping views over Columbus Circle and Central Park. 

My perfect Broadway day would always include a show and I’d recommend Ain’t Too Proud, a celebration of the legendary music of The Temptations. I defy you not to want to leap up dancing and leave the theatre singing! This is an ecstatic musical experience, packed with the group’s classic Motown hits.

The choreography is both evocative of The Temptations’ trademark style but also brilliantly original and very slick, and the talented cast dance up a storm. For all the musical joy this incredible group brought to the world, their own lives were beset with challenges and tragedy and Ain’t Too Proud perfectly balances the story-telling with the elation of the musical numbers.

I’d also treat myself to a pre- or post-show dinner at the theatrical eatery Bond 45 (221 W 46th Street) You can check out the name plates in the seating booths, a who’s who of Broadway royalty! Whose table will you be sitting at?

Author: Anthony McNeill