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Rachel McAdams Is Excited to Build a Broadway Community Around Mary Jane

Theatre Mania

Picking up the torch from actors Carrie Coon (who played the title role seven years ago at New York Theatre Workshop) and Emily Donahoe (who originated the part at Yale Rep), McAdams is stepping into work about a single mother fighting the system to care for her chronically ill child, building an army of supportive women by her side along the way (Herzog wrote from a place of semi-autobiography; her daughter was born with a muscle disease called nemaline myopathy and passed away last summer at the age of 12).

McAdams, working alongside director Anne Kauffman and actors April Matthis, Susan Pourfar, Lily Santiago, and Brenda Wehle, is not just up for the challenge, but still awestruck by the little things…like seeing her face on a great big Broadway marquee...READ MORE



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