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Preparing for Your First Broadway Show

Broadway Inbound

Each of us at Broadway Inbound has seen tons of Broadway shows, but we can still remember the very first one we saw. It doesn’t matter how long ago, we can tell you in detail who we were with, how we felt, and how Broadway lit a fire inside us that never went out. So take it from us, we’ve got some tips for making sure your first Broadway show is an unforgettable one.

First and foremost, get your tickets before you arrive from a trusted source! Who wants to wait in line, just for the slim chance of getting tickets for the show you really want to see? And don’t get us started on people who’ve paid too much from other ticket sellers.

Are you arriving at the theatre with luggage? Obviously, it’s best to drop your luggage off at your hotel. But sometimes travel plans can go awry. If you absolutely have to bring luggage to the theatre, there’s usually a mandatory bag check for a minimal fee. Strollers and transfer wheelchairs can be folded and stored in the back of the theatre. The best rule of thumb? If you can’t bring it on an airplane, don’t bring it to the show.

Looking for information about accessibility? We’ve got you covered here. Many theatres offer assistive listening, audio description, closed captioning, and even real-time translations in several languages. These access services are generally provided on-demand and free of charge. It is still best to check before you arrive to make sure that your show has what you need.

Live theatre is a shared experience, so there is etiquette to be aware of. Talking during the show doesn’t just distract the people around you; the actors on stage can hear it too. Same goes for phones and other electronic devices. Silence them before the show starts (and again after intermission), or better yet, turn them off. And if you purchase a tasty snack at the theatre, you may think you’re doing everyone a favor by opening it slowly… but that crinkly plastic is loud. Do it before the show starts.

If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of your favorite star and maybe get your Playbill autographed after the show, you’re welcome to wait outside the stage door, but it’s not a guarantee. If you’ve lost your Playbill and wanted it as a memento, you can send an addressed pre-paid envelope to the theatre and they’ll happily mail you another.

Speaking of Playbills, make sure to head to the merchandise counter at the theatre and ask for a “My First Broadway Show” sticker sheet. One sticker turns your Playbill into a souvenir keepsake commemorating this special occasion. The second sticker is for you to wear proudly. It will look great in your social media posts—make sure to tag #FirstBroadwayShow!

Most importantly, enjoy the show! Be present, take it all in. There’s nothing like seeing a Broadway show for the very first time, and you’re going to want to savor every minute of it. The only question left now is which show are you going to see first?


Author: Chanelle Cotton