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Michael Stuhlbarg and Will Keen on Playing Berezovsky and Putin in Patriots

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“Anyone can understand what it means to love your country,” says Patriots actor Michael Stuhlbarg. But the patriots in question here aren’t waving Old Glory.

The new play from The Crown creator Peter Morgan is a study of post-Soviet Russia and the birth of its oligarchy, focusing on the real-life Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Putin, who Berezovsky helped bring to power. After an acclaimed run in the West End, Patriots is running on Broadway at the Barrymore Theatre. Stuhlbarg stars as Berezovsky. Will Keen reprises his Olivier-winning turn as Vladimir Putin.

Neither actor started the project with a scholar’s knowledge on their subjects. But as both have dived into mounds of books and documentaries, they realized their biggest challenge as actors was to find a pathway into people that the audience may already have formed opinions about...READ MORE


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