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Leopoldstadt Receives Extension on Broadway

Tom Stoppard’s latest Broadway play Leopoldstadt has been extended through July 2, 2023 at the Longacre Theatre. Tickets were previously on sale through March 12. The production began performances on Sept. 14, 2022 and officially opened on Oct. 2.

Directed by Patrick Marber, Leopoldstadt tells the story of a Jewish family in Vienna over the span of 50 years. Beginning in 1899, the drama examines the evolution of one Jewish family from the comfort of assimilation to annihilation during the Holocaust to survival after devastation. The work marks Stoppard’s 19th play on Broadway.

The cast of 38 currently includes Jesse Aaronson, Betsy Aidem, Jenna Augen, Japhet Balaban, Reese Bogin, Corey Brill, Max Ryan Burach, Daniel Cantor, Faye Castelow, Erica Dasher, Calvin James Davis, Michael Deaner, Eden Epstein, Romy Fay, Gina Ferrall, Arty Froushan, Pearl Scarlett Gold, Charlotte Graham, Jaxon Cain Grundleger, Matt Harrington, Wesley Holloway, Ava Michele Hyl, Jacqueline Jarrold, Sarah Killough, David Krumholtz, Caissie Levy, Colleen Litchfield, Tedra Millan, Aaron Neil, Seth Numrich, Anthony Rosenthal, Joshua Satine, Aaron Shuf, Drew Squire, Christopher James Stevens, Sara Topham, Brandon Uranowitz and Dylan S. Wallach...READ MORE

Author: Ruthie Fierberg


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