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Is Broadway Ready for ‘Slave Play’?

The New York Times

The first day of rehearsal on Broadway usually goes like this: Circle up. Make introductions. Offer thanks, express optimism, maybe crack a joke. Clear the room of onlookers, and off you go.

But Robert O’Hara had a more pointed agenda in mind when he found himself in a ring of 75 actors and designers and producers one midsummer morning, in a studio lined by a wheelbarrow, a four-poster bed, and refreshments labeled “dildo cornbread” and “nuts cake.”

Mr. O’Hara is the director of Slave Play, Jeremy O. Harris’s raunchy, riveting and risky new work, whose many provocations begin with its double entendre title. Mr. O’Hara, like Mr. Harris and many members of the cast and crew, is black. So with just four weeks to go until the first preview, he ignored the naughtily named snacks and invoked his forebears...READ MORE