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Ian Shaw Takes a Bite Out of Broadway With His Play The Shark Is Broken

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When playwright and actor Ian Shaw was a little boy, he got to visit the film set of Jaws. “I have to be honest,” he confesses, “I wasn’t particularly interested, apart from seeing the shark. The shark was exciting. It was scary, even though it wasn’t moving.”

Ian remembers a young Steven Spielberg "hopping about" with a little handheld video camera. And he did get a peek at the shark. "It was under a blanket, because it was all top secret," recalls Ian.

That lucky little boy was on set because his father, English actor and writer Robert Shaw, starred in the movie as Quint, the grizzled shark hunter. With him aboard the Orca fishing boat were Amity Island’s police chief Martin Brody, played by Roy Scheider, and marine biologist Matt Hooper, played by a young Richard Dreyfuss. The on-set squabbles between Robert Shaw and Dreyfuss are the stuff of Hollywood legend, and at the center of Ian Shaw’s play, co-written with Joseph Nixon, The Shark Is Broken, which officially opens August 10 at the Golden Theatre...READ MORE


Author: Talaura Harms


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