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Hamilton Star Mandy Gonzalez Reflects on Return to Broadway

Hamilton star Mandy Gonzalez feels much more than satisfied to be back in the room where it happens.

Gonzalez and the rest of the hit musical’s company were thrilled last September when “Hamilton” returned to Broadway after being closed for 18 months due to COVID-19. But it felt especially meaningful for Gonzalez, who was also making her first Broadway performance since finishing breast cancer treatment the previous year.

“When I stood on the stage for the first time, it was like, man, I’ve made it, in so many ways,” Gonzalez told the Daily News at the show’s Richard Rodgers Theatre.

“I’m on Broadway. I made it through the pandemic. I am a cancer survivor. But we all did. No matter what, we all went through a storm; it’s just we were on different boats. When I look into the audience and I feel the audience, I know that they have their own stories, too. During this time, we all went through so much. I’m just grateful and I’m inspired constantly...READ MORE

Author: Peter Sblendorio