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Come From Away: Finding Home in the Big Apple

Broadway Inbound

In our recent interview with the cast and writers of Come From Away, we heard about their journey to bring the show to Broadway. We learned what it was like to be a part of such a special show, and we learned how the show had brought them together as a family. 

We also learned that, for many of them, this was their first time living in New York. Like the characters they play, the cast had to make a home far away from home. We talked to the cast and writers about what it was like to adjust to life in the Big Apple.

Writers Irene Sankoff and David Hein had lived in New York when they were in graduate school, so they found it particularly meaningful to return to the city with their Broadway show. “Coming back to New York felt like a homecoming in so many ways—not only our family being welcomed back, but celebrating our friends in Newfoundland with a New York audience,” Hein said. “It's been incredible to see New York City audiences celebrating Newfoundland and cheering for this story about how kindness can overcome our differences.”

As for adjusting to the city, Sankoff said, “There is actually something very zen about apartment living; we don’t miss living in a house. I just love to sit and look out our window, and we love walking in the park.”

For cast member Geno Carr, moving to NYC from San Diego involved relocating his entire family. “Being in the city with my two-year-old son, Elliott, has given my wife and me a whole new perspective on the city,” he said. “We are always going on adventures and seeking out fun: Elliott loves riding the East River Ferry, visiting dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, and spending time at the Central Park Zoo.”

Like all New Yorkers, the cast and writers have quickly developed their favorite haunts around the city. Another cast member, Lee MacDougall, loves strolling through Central Park or along the High Line, and he recommends Taverna Kyclades (East Village and Astoria) for anyone looking to try authentic and delicious Greek cuisine.

Sankoff loves her local Starbucks, and since the baristas all know her now, it feels even more like home. Once you’ve spent some time in New York, you start to realize that it’s really just a big small town!

“Look, you sometimes hear people say that New Yorkers are rude,” said Astrid Van Wieren, the big-voiced performer behind the Celine Dion-belting Beulah. “In my experience, however, that’s never been further from the truth. I’m constantly seeing New Yorkers help tourists on the street with directions, or recommending a nice spot for dinner.

“New Yorkers are proud to be from New York,” Van Wieren continued. “They don’t want you to be lost in their city. It might be a city of strangers, but it’s also a city where everyone is looking out for each other.”

We’ve recently covered a lot of great things to do around New York City. Lilli Cooper who plays Sandy cheeks in Spongebob SquarePants shared some of her favorite things to do around the city when she’s not on stage. We featured seven perfect pairings to go with your Broadway experience, as well as the great sights and sounds to take in as the weather cools down in The Big Apple. No matter where you come from, New York has something for everyone! If you’re ready to be a Come From Away-er, book your tickets now by visiting the show page at the bottom and experience this special show for yourself.

Author: Jacob Jones