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Check Out the Queens of SIX Sipping on Bond 45's New 'Queens' Cup' Cocktail

Playbill News

Broadway musical SIX is extending the boundaries of its kingdom outside the Lena Horne Theatre to Bond 45. The show and the restaurant have partnered to present fans with The Queens Corner, a special dining booth at Bond 45, and The Queens' Cup, a new cocktail on the Bond 45 menu. Both are inspired by the show and feature SIX's signature royal purple.

The Queens Corner is decked out in purple upholstery and features a brass plaque for the musical. The booth and the cocktail were both revealed at a ribbon-cutting ceremony July 6. Current cast stars Zoe Jensen, who plays Katherine Howard, and Leandra Ellis-Gaston, who plays Anne Boleyn, attended the event alongside alternates Holli' Conway and Ayla Ciccone-Burton.

A seat at “The Queens Corner” can be reserved via OpenTable...READ MORE 

Author: Leah Putnam