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Cate Blanchett Makes Her Broadway Debut This Weekend

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This weekend marks an event that avid theatre-goers have been anticipating for years: Cate Blanchett's Broadway debut. While the two-time Academy Award winning actress has been a part of the Australian theatre scene for many years, she's never performed on Broadway... until now. This winter she'll take to the stage in the new play The Present, a drama by Andrew Upton based on Anton Chekhov's Platonov.

The production promises romance, drama, and a lot of vodka. According to press notes, "At the play's center is the acerbic and witty Platonov (Richard Roxburgh) with his wife, his former students and friends and their partners. They may appear comfortable, but boiling away inside is a mess of unfinished, unresolved relationships, fueled by twenty years of denial, regret and thwarted desire.

To view a gallery of the cast and crew at a recent meet and greet, click here.

Previews for The Present begin tomorrow, December 17, 2016, with an opening night set for January 8, 2017. The strictly limited run ends March 19, 2017. Group tickets are available by visiting the show page below. 

Photograph by Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Author: Jacob Jones
Source: Playbill