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Cash 4 Kids Group Visits The Great White Way

The Broadway Collection

There is nowhere that the vibrant lights of NYC shine brighter than “The Great White Way.” Last week, a wonderful group of children from McKeesport, Pennsylvania were illuminated by the marquee of The Broadway Theater, and introduced to the magic of a Broadway musical for the first time.

Broadway Inbound, in partnership with the Student & Youth Travel Association and the Cash for Kids foundation welcomed a group of deserving, middle school students to the rich culture and history of New York City. All three participating organizations hoped to provide the children with the life changing opportunity to travel, broaden their horizons beyond the daily routine, and learn leadership skills and teamwork in the process.

Highlights of the trip included visits to Central Park, the Central Park zoo, and even the American Museum of Natural History, where the kids saw exhibits filled with dinosaurs, sea creatures, and more. Of course, in their eyes, the most exciting element of the Cash 4 Kids group visiting NYC was their evening on Broadway. Fiddler on the Roof graciously welcomed the children to experience the heartwarming story of a hard working family looking to build a better life. It was a perfect choice for the group, as even in hard times it shows how friends and family can come together to experience love and laughter.

The trip not only allowed the group to experience NYC’s rich culture, but provided the kids memories to last a lifetime. The SYTA slogan “Travel Changes Young Lives for Good” was truly brought to life in this exciting, adventurous trip through partnership with Broadway Inbound and the Cash 4 Kids Foundation.