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A Visit From The Play That Goes Wrong

Broadway Inbound

Cast members from The Play That Goes Wrong stopped by our office this week to give us a taste of their show. As you can tell from the name The Play That Goes Wrong is a gut-busting farce, wherein a group of actors try to put on a serious murder mystery to disastrous effect.

When the cast came to visit, I was worried it would end with someone walking into a glass door or slipping off of their chair. Luckily, no staff members were harmed by any falling light fixtures during the cast’s visit.

Henry Shields and Jonathan Sayer, cast members who are pictured above, told us about the origin of their play. “We think what’s special about this play is that there’s real heart, but it also boasts the highest number of laughs per minute on Broadway,” Shields said.

When asked what was special about their play, Sayer said, “This show is funny enough on its own that we don’t have to cast a celebrity. We don’t have Bette Midler, but this show is good enough on its own merits.” Shields continued, “This is the kind of show that you have to see to believe. We’re doing all of these crazy physical things that you couldn’t pay Bette Midler to do, but you have to see it with your own eyes.”

Sayer interrupted: “I think it sounds like we have something against Bette Midler. For the record, we do not have anything against Bette Midler.”

Visit the show page below to see the insane hijinks of The Play That Goes Wrong for yourself.

Author: Jacob Jones