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A New Yorker’s Guide To New York: Winter Survival

New York is a lively, fast-paced city, and like any other travel destination, there are tips and tricks to help visitors feel a part of the energy and enjoy the ride. Luckily, we New Yorkers are generally a pretty friendly bunch—if you make a little effort to go with the flow.

So let us be your local connection and dispel some myths, provide some helpful hints, and ease your anxiety about looking like a tourist…

Winter Survival:
Everyone wants to be here at the holidays; it’s by far NYC’s busiest time of year. It can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never been here before, so it helps to be prepared.

New York’s public transportation gets a bad reputation, but despite some delays it’s a quick, cheap, and easy way to get around the city. Do a little research on the subways, buses, and trains; there are plenty of apps for your phone that will let you know if there are expected delays. If you’re not sure of another way to reach your destination, plug into Google Maps: they have a handy route planning feature.

Winter weather in the city can be unpredictable, and when it snows, the sidewalks can get slick. Make sure you bring some weather-proof shoes or boots. NYC being a fashion-forward city, it’s not unusual for us to wear boots and then change into our nice shoes when we reach our destination. Better that than wiping out on the sidewalk.

To warm up, head to City Bakery (3 West 18th Street) and get yourself a cup of the city’s best hot chocolate. Trust us on this one.

The Show to See Now: Frozen

What better time than now to see Disney's Frozen on Broadway? This timeless tale of two sisters is worth braving the cold for! As one young woman struggles to find her voice and harness her powers within, the other embarks on an epic adventure to bring her family together once and for all. This show will have you believing that love is a force of nature.

All of us at Broadway Inbound are happy to be your New Yorkers on the ground. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Author: Chanelle Cotton