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8 Grizabellas, Including Betty Buckley and Elaine Paige, Share Their “Memory”s

Playbill News

Andrew Gans from Playbill has this collection of interviews from Grizabella's past and present:

Grizabella, the faded glamour cat in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats, is the heart of the international hit musical, which recently returned to Broadway at the Neil Simon Theatre. The role requires not only a singer blessed with a soaring, rich voice of many colors, but also an actress who can bring tremendous soul and elicit great compassion as the outcast feline who journeys to the Heaviside Layer at the end of the evening. No wonder the women who originated the part — Elaine Paige in London and Betty Buckley on Broadway—went on to become among the greatest artists the musical theatre has produced. Following Buckley and Paige, a host of other stellar actresses have taken on the role, each bringing her unique voice and interpretation to the part. With Cats back on Broadway—starring Leona Lewis as Grizabella— it seemed a perfect time to catch up with these gifted women. Buckley, Paige, Gay Marshall, Lea Salonga, Linda Balgord, Liz Callaway, Loni Ackerman and Stephanie J. Block all spoke to about their time playing this iconic character... READ MORE

Author: Andrew Gans
Source: Playbill