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You Should See Me in a Crown: Pop Princesses Behind the Six Tudor Queens in Broadway’s SIX

With a thrilling mix of modern pop anthems and historical biographical narrative, SIX has taken Broadway by storm. Conceived by the talented Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss while they were just university students in the UK, SIX reimagines the six wives of Henry VIII as members of a colorful girl group. Banishing the looming figure of Henry himself entirely offstage, each queen is given a chance to showcase her story and her strength, resulting in a high-energy musical packed with girl power.

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A key aspect of Anne's character within SIX is her rebelliousness, similar to Miley Cyrus’s unconventional pop persona. Cyrus's outlandish antics and refusal to fit into Hollywood's mold reflect deeply in Anne's portrayal. Much like Cyrus breaking free from her wholesome Hannah Montana image, Anne Boleyn, too, was a queen who dared to defy conventions.


Her song, 'Don’t Lose Ur Head,' captures the punk-pop essence of Avril Lavigne and the humor of Lily Allen. It bends toward the darker side of pop music, represented by Billie Eilish, when it touches upon Anne's fate. Much like these pop stars, Anne uses humor and rebellious sass to navigate through tough situations, asserting herself in a world that's busily trying to define her.


With emotional powerhouses like Céline Dion and Adele as inspiration, Jane Seymour's character in SIX is one of heart-tugging vulnerability. Jane instantly resonates with audiences, using Adele-like emotional honesty and poignant narrative to share her story. It's noteworthy how similar to Adele's ballads, Jane’s song 'Heart of Stone' exudes intense emotion and showcases her pain, all the while demanding empathy from her listeners.


Historically, Jane Seymour has often been perceived as the 'boring one.' However, in SIX, Jane uses her song to challenge this stereotype. Just like the stars who inspired her, Jane, too, captures the audience through unabashed honesty and emotional depth. Jane asserts that she was neither 'stupid' nor 'naïve.' This acknowledgment of her anguish, coupled with the courage to confront the stereotypical perception head-on, is what sets her character apart. Her ability to draw strength from her emotional vulnerability makes her character transformation relatable and memorable.


Drawing inspiration from the edgy style and grandeur of Nicki Minaj and the luxurious persona portrayed in Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX's 'Fancy,' Anna of Cleves in SIX is all about extravagance. Anna's characterization marks a shift from heart-wrenching narratives to boastful merriment. Her song, ‘Get Down,’ is a catchy, rap-inspired number that emphasizes her luxurious lifestyle post-divorce, echoing the flashy confidence we often associate with Nicki Minaj.


Anna's song liberates her from historical obscurity. She revels in the opulence bestowed upon her, challenging the notion that a woman’s worth or success is defined by her marital status. This mirrors the bold, unapologetic ethos we see in contemporary female musicians today. Anna's character makes a powerful statement in SIX, reminding us that these historical women were characters of flair, dignity, and grandeur that resonates on the stage and echoes through history.

Six Broadway Musical and Group Sales Discounts

Channeling the youthful energy of Britney Spears and the pop-princess Ariana Grande, Katherine Howard is portrayed in SIX as a ball of energy with an effervescent spirit. Ariana Grande's iconic ponytail translates seamlessly into Katherine's look, sprinkling a dash of modern pop culture charm into her character.


The parallel drawn between Katherine and these young pop stars isn't merely aesthetic; it points to a darker shared reality - being forced into maturity at a tender age. SIX doesn't shy away from addressing this unsettling narrative. Katherine's upbeat song 'All You Wanna Do' appears cheerful and light on the surface. Still, as the performance proceeds, the heartbreaking lyrics unravel the tragedy hidden beneath. It conjures a reminiscent image of Britney Spears's tumultuous career, handling heavy themes with the playful veneer of pop music. This complexity makes Katherine’s character one of the most captivating in the show, embodying the dichotomy of tragedy and playfulness found in many young pop princesses' lives.


As the final queen to take the stage, Catherine Parr, drawn from the resilience and musicality of Alicia Keys and Emeli Sandé, resonates with an aura of wisdom, serenity, soulful strength, and survival. Catherine’s number 'I Don’t Need Your Love,' oozing with assertiveness and dignity, evokes the liberation and empowerment often found intrinsically within Alicia Keys' soulful numbers.


Just as Alicia Keys has used her music to advocate for female autonomy and empowerment, Catherine, too, uses her song to declare her resilience and independence. The jazzy number 'I Don’t Need Your Love' starts as a solo but ends as a group number directed at Henry VIII, a culmination of the empowering feel of the show.


SIX strikes a distinctive chord with its modern, pop concert-style approach to narrating the lives of these Tudor queens. Leaving the traditional storytelling techniques behind, SIX bursts onto the stage with a fresh, innovative concept that turns history into a dazzling spectacle of lights, beats, harmonies, and powerful performances.


Seamlessly fusing a concert-like live experience with a scripted drama, this show blurs the line between a Broadway musical and a pop concert, presenting a spectacle that is not just entertaining but equally empowering and engaging. Each queen performs as if leading her set, transitioning smoothly between solo performances and backing singers to her fellow queens.


Rather than simply singing about their lives, the queens ‘compete’ with each other to claim the title of the most ill-treated wife – rephrasing their struggles into a fierce anthem of sisterhood. This creates the atmosphere of a pop concert, a stark contrast from the traditional musical theatre setup.


Moreover, this unique format helps connect with a younger audience, making history more approachable and interesting. Each queen is dressed in a glammed-up, modern version of a Tudor dress designed to reflect their unique musical style.


The show has been met with overwhelming approval, as reflected in our company knowledge base. The performance has garnered sparkling reviews from critics and audience members alike, who praise its unique format, infectious music, dynamic performances, and its unapologetic celebration of female power. Witness the transformation of these towering historical figures into modern-day pop princesses feel the thumping beats, the soul-stirring harmonies, and the empowering narratives that SIX masterfully delivers.


The wives of Henry VIII are finally claiming their spotlight, demanding an entire show for themselves. Don't miss your chance to be part of this historic pop concert revolution as the queens of SIX inspire, enlighten, and uplift you in a way only they can. These queens were not just consorts; they were trailblazers, and their stories deserve to be remembered and celebrated.