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Why The Themes Of Hamilton Resonate With Audiences Everywhere

"I probably shouldn't brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish."

Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda—an American composer and lyricist of Puerto Rican descent also known for creating and starring in the Tony Award®-winning musical In the Heights—Hamilton debuted on Broadway in 2015 and became an instant hit, winning 11 Tony Awards®, a Grammy Award, and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

The show is written as if Miranda aimed to create an anthem to ambition, love, and legacy with this new and remarkable piece of theatre. It’s no wonder Hamilton is resonating in countries around the world. The show combines hip-hop, rap, R&B, soul, and traditional show tunes to create its novel score. And Miranda’s witty, sophisticated lyrics bring the familiar historical characters to life in a whole new way, drawing the audience in with their humanity and familiarity.

The resounding success of Hamilton is undeniable. Not only has it become one of the most popular musicals of our time, but the show is also building future generations of theatre lovers, drawn to the contemporary score and the reimagining of American history. A testament to the power of art and the importance of representation in theatre, Hamilton’s fantastic score and deeper themes have made the story of one of America’s Founding Fathers relevant worldwide.

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“Love doesn't discriminate… It takes, and it takes… And we keep loving anyway."

Set during the late 1700s, this telling of Alexander Hamilton’s life is inspiring and heartbreaking. Its beautifully explored themes of love, loss, forgiveness, and ambition make the story timeless and engaging.

Love is a central theme in Hamilton. From the romance between Alexander and Eliza to the parental relationships of Burr and Alexander with their children, love is a source of strength and comfort in difficult times for each character.

Another major theme is loss. The central figures in this story each face the death of a loved one at one point or another, which shapes their outlook on the world and their place within it. Burr is an orphan, just like Hamilton himself. The death of his parents made him a hesitating overthinker, always “lying in wait.” On the other hand, Hamilton hit the ground running, realizing early on in his life that he was on his own.

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Forgiveness is another crucial part of life, exemplified beautifully in Hamilton. The characters are forced to confront their mistakes and make amends throughout the story. This can be seen in Eliza’s forgiveness of Alexander for his affair and in Alexander himself, who makes amends for his errors in judgment by getting out in front of rumors and accusations and, in doing so, relinquishing his political ambitions.

Hamilton highlights the bright and dark sides of ambition. Alexander’s dream to make a name for himself and shape the course of history is one of the main drivers of the plot, an enviable trait for sure. However, in the end, Hamilton loses almost everything he built.

These topics and explorations are as relevant today as they were in the late 1700s. We can all relate to the characters' struggles, life’s complexities, and reminders that our actions have consequences, that we all have the potential to make a difference, and that almost nothing is purely black or white in our world.

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“...who lives, who dies, who tells your story?”

The musical follows Hamilton as he immigrates to America and makes his mark in the fight for independence. He meets lifelong friends like Marquis de Lafayette and Hercules Mulligan and crosses paths with frenemies like Aaron Burr. Along the way, Hamilton and his allies struggle to create a new nation and build the legacy that we get to take advantage of today.

At its core, the show celebrates the power of family, love, and friendship to create a strong foundation for personal success. Hamilton provides a look at the importance of simple human values that anyone can relate to.

Family is an integral part of Hamilton’s story. His marriage to Elizabeth Schuyler exemplifies the importance of finding a partner you can trust, be supported by, and rely on.

The show also highlights the importance of true friendship, with Alexander’s relationships with fellow revolutionaries such as Aaron Burr, John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan, who are integral to the story and his character’s development. By exploring how close relationships influence our well-being and outlook on the world, the show encourages us to recognize the importance of cultivating these relationships. Because achievements are significant, but life can hardly satisfy without someone to share your wins with.

Alexander Hamilton was an incredible figure in American history, renowned for his tremendous political and legal contributions. But beyond his storied career, Hamilton was also a beloved father, husband, and friend.

As a father, Hamilton was devoted to his children and taught them the importance of hard work and integrity. He also instilled a love of learning in them, which came to fruition in the success of his sons and daughters. Hamilton was a loving husband to his wife, Eliza, and the two shared a strong bond of respect and support for many years, regardless of Alexander’s wrongdoing. Eliza could move past Alexander’s infidelity, and when he needed her most, she stepped back into Hamilton’s life, saving his legacy for generations to come.

He was a devoted friend to many of his comrades, with lifelong friendships that endured even through turbulent times. Hamilton was known for his passion, strong work ethic, and ability to stay calm in a crisis. His friends often turned to him for advice, support, and a sympathetic ear.

He made mistakes, and he stumbled, as all of us do. Alexander Hamilton embodies an imperfect man doing his best, showing that success and greatness can be achieved while also being aligned with your values when you surround yourself with the right people.

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“The plan is to fan this spark into a flame…”

Hamilton’s revolutionary story is uplifting. It’s a must-see show for anyone interested in the history of the American Revolution and current events worldwide, as many parallels can be drawn between the American revolution centuries ago and the recent struggles of numerous modern states. History repeats itself; it’s true. And once you recognize that, you can’t unsee it.

The story of Alexander Hamilton speaks to audiences on so many levels. The motifs of revolution and fighting for one's rights, the power of people coming together to fight for a common cause, a celebration of freedom and democracy, and its messages of hope and perseverance resonate deeply with audiences.

Hamilton is a perfect musical to be enjoyed with a group of like-minded people.

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