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The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, and The Lion King — What Makes These Scores Timeless

The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, and The Lion King have firmly established their reputation as true Broadway classics. These productions have been wowing audiences for many years, and the shows are still going strong. Each has a very different story and may appeal to different viewers, but they all have one thing in common: remarkable music.

From the romantic and sweeping score of The Phantom of the Opera to the jazzy, sassy numbers of Chicago to the uplifting and powerful music of The Lion King, these shows have captivated theatregoers with their heartfelt stories and beautiful melodies; they draw us in and take us on a journey. The music is integral to each production, and each has become an iconic piece of theatre history, with songs that will stay with audiences long after the curtain falls.

The Phantom of the Opera
and its score that has stood the test of time

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Based on the novel by Gaston Leroux, the show follows the story of a mysterious and disfigured musical genius known as the Phantom, who lives beneath the Paris Opera House and falls in love with the enchanting young singer Christine Daaé. Their connection is tested through a series of events as they are forced to confront their demons. The haunting music, lavish sets, costumes, and thrilling plot twists keep the audience entranced from start to finish. With a story filled with romance, obsession, and heartache, it is no wonder that The Phantom of the Opera continues to be a beloved show that is still performed on stages worldwide.

If you have yet to experience the magic of this show, now is the time to do so — the musical is set to close on Broadway on April 16, 2023. Don't miss your chance to see the Phantom before he leaves the stage.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's iconic score and lyrics, combined with the show's sweeping visuals, have created a timeless masterpiece that has touched viewers' hearts and made us empathize with the mysterious loner. The show’s songs capture the drama and intensity of the relationship between the Phantom and Christine and take the audience on an emotional journey. From the hauntingly beautiful "The Music of the Night" to the passionate "All I Ask of You," the composer's music is a key part of what makes The Phantom of the Opera so special.

Chicago and All That Jazz

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A long-running revival of the 1975 musical of the same name, the show follows the story of two women, Roxie Hart, and Velma Kelly, and their struggles for fame in the roaring twenties. The catch is they’re doing it while on trial for murdering their boyfriends. Through the show, the audience observes their journey as they attempt to outwit their adversaries and turn a jail sentence into a life of fame and fortune.

The score was composed by John Kander and featured some of the most iconic songs in musical theatre history, including “Razzle Dazzle,” “Cell Block Tango,” and “All That Jazz,” which have all become synonymous with the show. Besides its sultry score, the show is also known for its unique dance style—Bob Fosse's choreography is considered one of the most influential styles in musical theatre. His signature jazz and show dancing moves have become iconic; each motion is sharp, confident, and full of life. In Chicago, Fosse's choreography is often complex, utilizing intricate arm movements, body isolations, and acute, angular steps. The combination of these elements creates an intense and mesmerizing atmosphere, which adds to the show's overall impact.

The show has been a popular choice for visitors to NYC for 26 years. It is an excellent performance for Broadway first-timers. Whether you've seen and loved the movie and want to feel this energy live, or you're just after a great night out, Chicago is a perfect option!

The Lion King

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A musical adaptation of the 1994 Walt Disney Animation Studios film of the same name, the show tells the story of a lion cub named Simba who struggles to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and his destiny as the king of the Pride Lands. The Broadway production features elaborate costumes, stunning sets, and some of the most beloved songs from the animated film, such as “Circle of Life,” "They Live in You," and “Hakuna Matata,” as well as new melodies composed by Elton John. His music and lyrics bring a powerful dynamic to the show, making it an emotional and captivating experience for all audience members.

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