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The Final Curtain Call: A Look Back at The Phantom of the Opera

“Softly, deftly, music shall caress you.
Hear it, feel it, secretly possess you.”

Phantom of the Opera Longest Running Show Banner

The musical adaptation of Gaston Leroux’s novel quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. It first opened on October 9, 1986, at Her Majesty's Theatre in London's West End and was an immediate success, receiving standing ovations each night.

In New York, The Phantom of the Opera has been thrilling Broadway audiences with enchanting music, spectacular sets, and passionate delivery for over 35 years. The show has won over 70 major theatre awards, including seven Tonys® and four Oliviers. Its timeless story of talent, unrequited love, and heartbreak, set against the backdrop of the Paris Opera House, is still as captivating as the day it first premiered.

The Phantom of the Opera is the story of a disfigured musical genius who haunts the Paris Opera House. He falls in love with a talented young soprano, Christine Daaé, and schemes to make her a star in exchange for her affection. The Phantom interferes with the production of a new opera written by Christine's former teacher and demands that she be given the lead role. His obsession with Christine leads to a series of dramatic events, culminating in a final confrontation between him and Christine's chosen suitor, Raoul. 

“It's over now - the music of the night.”

Sierra Boggess Norm Lewis Phantom of the Opera

Now, with the announcement that The Phantom of the Opera will close on April 16, 2023, theatre lovers have one last chance to experience this powerful musical in its full glory. Whether you've seen the musical many times or have yet to experience it, join this once-in-a-lifetime event and take in the magic, romance, and drama before Phantom indefinitely disappears behind the curtain. Get your Phantom of the Opera tickets today.

And there is no better way to experience a Broadway musical than with a group. When you see Phantom with a group of like-minded people, you get to discuss your favorite moments, songs, and details you wouldn’t otherwise notice; you receive a chance to see the show from various perspectives.

With its sweeping musical score and lavish Victorian-style visuals, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s creation is a timeless masterpiece that has maintained its enigmatic flair for years and still knows how to surprise its audience.

Whether you’re going with friends, family, or a team of colleagues or taking a school group to see the performance, there is nothing quite like being together to experience a world-renowned piece of art with your own eyes. Share the emotions, laughs, and thrills that come with each scene. Cheer for Christine standing up for her freedom, find sympathy for the mysterious castaway that is Phantom, and take in the production’s spectacular scenic design.

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“I gave you my music, made your song take wing…”

Ali Ewoldt James Barbour Phantom of the Opera

Phantom’s creative team is a group of stellar artists who have worked together to bring this classic story to life.

The original music for The Phantom of the Opera was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, one of the world’s most renowned composers. Webber has written some of the most popular musicals of all time, including Cats, Evita, and the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. The music of The Phantom of the Opera is a mix of classical, romantic, and operatic styles, drawing on influences from both French and German opera. The haunting reprises and expansive choruses have become some of the most recognizable tunes in musical theatre.

The show was directed by Harold Prince, a 21-time Tony Award®-winning director best known for his work on Cabaret and Sweeney Todd. Prince was the perfect choice to bring the mystery and emotion of The Phantom of the Opera to its full potential on stage. He is deemed one of the most prominent figures of the 20th-century music theatre scene, known for his innovative approach and for breaking new ground for Broadway shows by introducing serious political topics.

The choreography for the show was created by Gillian Lynne, an experienced choreographer and dancer, who also choreographed another of Broadway’s longest-running shows, Cats. Besides winning various top-tier awards for her choreography and performances, Gillian Lynne was the first non-royal woman to be honored with a theater named after her in 2018 (the former New London Theater).

Maria Bjornson designed the sets and costumes for The Phantom of the Opera and received Tonys® for her work in both categories. Her intricate designs capture the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the show. Maria also worked for The Royal Shakespeare Company over the course of her life.

Over the years, many gifted actors and actresses have taken on the leading roles of the Phantom and Christine. These performers have achieved tremendous success in the entertainment industry, both on stage and in film. The Phantom of the Opera has launched many careers and continues to draw in huge crowds with its incredible performances.

Christine has been played by some of the most iconic actresses in the industry, including Sarah Brightman, Rebecca Luker, and Sierra Boggess. All these performers have gone on to star in various Broadway shows, films, and television series. Sarah Brightman has also succeeded in the music industry with several chart-topping albums.

The role of the Phantom was originated by Michael Crawford, who earned a Tony Award® for his performance. Since then, actors such as Hugh Panaro, John Cudia, Peter Joback, and Norm Lewis have all taken on the role with great success.

Recently, this Broadway production has seen a groundbreaking casting decision. For the first time in history, a black woman, Emilie Kouatchou, has been cast in the role of Christine.

“...the Phantom of the Opera is there. Inside your mind.”

Masquerade Phantom of the Opera

For many, The Phantom of the Opera was their first Broadway experience. The show's emotive score and sumptuous scenic design provide the perfect introduction to the Broadway tradition. From the opening scene at the Paris Opera House auction (“Overture”), where the chandelier ascends to the ceiling, transporting us back in time, to the chandelier crashing to the stage during the "All I Ask of You" (Reprise), the show is filled with unforgettable moments of theatre magic.

The Phantom of the Opera has the unique power to draw audiences into its world and create lasting memories. Over 140 million people have seen the show in 36 countries. It's been translated into 17 languages, making its contribution to global culture incomparable.

This beloved musical has had an unbelievable run, and whether you’re a diehard Broadway fan or just looking for a great story told in a remarkable way, The Phantom of the Opera offers you a great night out. So, don’t miss your chance to experience this musical. Get your tickets now to see Phantom’s world of love and mystery. 

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