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Dancing to the Broadway Beat: A Deep Dive Into Broadway's Top Choreography

MJ Broadway

Every Broadway show has its own heartbeat, and it pulses through its choreography. In musical theatre, dance is more than just a series of movements; it's a language that communicates emotions and narratives, an integral part of the storytelling that makes a Broadway show unforgettable. It's a vital component that can make or break a performance, lending it a unique energy that keeps audiences engaged.


Broadway Inbound recognizes this importance and celebrates it through specialized dance workshops. By collaborating directly with Broadway stars, BI offers a unique opportunity for theatre enthusiasts to learn the original choreography from their favorite shows. These workshops provide a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of Broadway dance, allowing participants to step into the shoes of professional dancers and feel the rhythms of Broadway in their bones.


Broadway's iconic show Chicago, based on Maurine Dallas Watkins' play of the same name, has been thrilling audiences for decades with its tale of murder, greed, corruption, and showbiz. Originally crafted by the legendary Bob Fosse, the show's choreography is as integral to its appeal as its plot and music. Fosse's unique style, marked by his signature turned-in knees, sideways shuffling, and stylized hand movements, has become synonymous with the show, bringing a distinct jazz-age flavor that still captivates audiences today.

Chicago Musical Broadway

Broadway Inbound's Fosse Style workshop is a tribute to this unique style of choreography. The workshop provides an opportunity not just to learn but to understand and appreciate the nuances of Fosse's choreography. Guided by professional dancers, participants get to explore the intricacies of the movements, learning firsthand how each step and gesture contributes to the overall narrative.


MJ the Musical, the electrifying musical inspired by the life of Michael Jackson, is a hit on Broadway. The show weaves a narrative around the King of Pop's life and music, offering a new perspective on his journey. A key highlight of the show is its choreography, which incorporates elements of hip-hop, a dance style not traditionally associated with Broadway. The hip-hop choreography in MJ adds a contemporary energy to the show that mirrors Michael Jackson's groundbreaking influence on dance.


Broadway's incorporation of hip-hop into its choreography signifies an exciting evolution, reflecting the diversity and dynamism of contemporary dance culture. The BI Hip-Hop workshop embodies this evolution. Participants in this workshop explore the fundamentals of hip hop, learning how this energetic dance form has been adapted for the Broadway stage. Dancers get the chance to learn freestyle, popping, turfing, krumping, and jerkin', with breaking. This workshop invites professional dancers and amateurs alike to experience firsthand the power and versatility of hip-hop choreography and its transformative impact on the Broadway dance landscape.


Disney's Aladdin, a beloved classic, brings the magic of Agrabah to the Broadway stage with colorful sets, catchy songs, and fantastic choreography. One standout scene is the high-energy tap dance number "Friend Like Me," performed by the Genie. This number is a show-stopper blending traditional tap and theatrical dance. Tap dance has a long history on Broadway, offering a unique combination of rhythm, precision, and flair that can elevate a musical number to new heights. Its inclusion in Aladdin's "Friend Like Me" adds a layer of spectacle and excitement, complementing the song's upbeat tempo and the Genie's charismatic performance.

Aladdin Broadway Musical

Broadway Inbound's Tap Dance workshop, aimed at experienced tappers, consists of foot exercises, work across the floor, and learning a complete combination. Guided by professionals, participants gain a deeper appreciation for tap dance and its role in Broadway productions. This workshop offers an exciting opportunity to tap into the rhythm of Broadway and learn some of the steps that bring its shows to life.


Ballet is a cornerstone of dance, with a rich history that dates back to the Italian Renaissance. Its influence on theatre, particularly Broadway, cannot be overstated. Ballet's emphasis on grace, precision, and storytelling offers a foundation many other dance styles build upon. The New York City Ballet, one of the foremost ballet companies in the world, has had a significant impact on NYC's cultural scene, emphasizing narrative and character development through dance


Broadway Inbound's Ballet Dance workshop is a nod to this enduring art form. This workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to ballet, covering foundational techniques and movements. Additionally, participants get to learn a complete combination, offering a taste of professional ballet. Whether you're a ballet novice or a seasoned dancer who would like to refine your skills, the BI Ballet Dance workshop offers an enriching deep dive into the world of ballet and its influence on Broadway dance.

SIX Broadway Musical

SIX, a breakout hit on Broadway, presents a modern retelling of the lives of Henry VIII's six wives, transforming them from historical footnotes into empowered pop queens. The show is renowned for its high-energy choreography, which deftly merges pop concert energy with theatrical storytelling. The choreography in SIX is unique, reflecting the individual personalities and stories of the Queens while maintaining a cohesive, dynamic visual narrative. It's a testament to the creative possibilities of Broadway dance, a showcase of energy and empowerment.


The BI Creative Energies Dance workshop embodies this spirit of creativity and energy. It offers participants the chance to reinvigorate their love for dance, guided by professional dancers. The workshop emphasizes the expressive potential of dance, encouraging participants to channel their creative energies into their movements. It offers a glimpse into the process of creating dynamic, character-driven choreography for a Broadway show, making it a must-attend for anyone interested in dance.


Based on Baz Luhrmann's 2001 film, Moulin Rouge! The Musical is a Broadway spectacle that transports audiences to the Montmartre Quarter in Paris. The show is a love story set amidst the glitz and glamour of the famous nightclub, featuring a medley of popular music reframed with a Broadway twist. A standout feature of the show is its dazzling jazz dance choreography, characterized by high energy, quick footwork, and theatrical flair. Jazz dance has a rich history on Broadway, adding a distinct flavor to many productions. Its characteristic energy and expressiveness make it a perfect fit for the world of Moulin Rouge! The Musical helps to create a sensory experience that captivates audiences.


Broadway Inbound's Jazz Dance workshop provides a deep dive into this dynamic genre. Participants learn the fundamentals of jazz dance, from Jack Cole to current trends. Guided by professionals, the workshop offers an engaging experience that showcases the role of jazz dance in Broadway productions. For dancers and Broadway enthusiasts alike, it's a chance to experience the rhythm, energy, and expressive potential of jazz dance firsthand.


Choreography can be the lifeblood of a Broadway show, driving the narrative, shaping the characters, and creating moments that resonate with audiences long after the curtain falls. It's a language that speaks through movement, conveying emotion and story in a way that words alone cannot capture. Broadway Inbound's dance workshops provide a firsthand look at the creative process behind some of Broadway's most iconic choreography. From the stylized movements of Fosse's Chicago to the high-energy hip hop in MJ, these workshops cover a broad spectrum of dance styles and shows.


The rhythm of Broadway is calling! If you've ever wanted to experience the thrill of dancing to Broadway's beat to understand the language of movement that makes these shows come alive, then Broadway Inbound's dance workshops are the perfect opportunity. Take advantage of this chance to dive into Broadway dance and learn about choreography straight from the professionals.