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Power Up + Streamline With Our Advanced API Technology

Broadway Inbound always delivers seamless access to inventory—direct from the box office—at unbeatable wholesale and group prices. You can choose to place orders through this site, but to really get the most out of Broadway Inbound, you can integrate with our API—the most advanced technology for Broadway wholesalers.

  • The Broadway Inbound API connects your site with live ticket inventory.
    Automated API “calls” mean you always have updated product info, availability, pricing, and more. Information via the API stays up-to-date, increasing your operational efficiency. The API allows your site to speak to the BI system directly, receive product information, and communicate orders through an XML feed.

  • Sell effortlessly on your own site and maintain your unique brand voice.
    Pull the data you want from the feed to build and populate your own show pages. Available information to display includes basic show info like marketing copy, seating section and pricing options, performance calendar, real-time availability, and venue info. Putting all of this on your site increases trust and brand loyalty, building stronger relationships with consumers.

  • Transact directly on your site and increase conversion rates.
    Maintain a consistent shopping experience—no linking to another site for the transaction and no need to place manual orders on Broadway Inbound. The API takes pressure off your team; since they no longer need to place orders, they can focus on selling the magic of Broadway.

  • Display actual seat locations, offer more price points, and sell tickets up to the last minute.
    The API is constantly refreshing information direct from the box office, down to exact seat availability. You can choose to present seat locations and prices to your customers prior to purchase, offering more transparency during the shopping experience. Last-minute ticket availability allows you to expand your selling options—even to mobile platforms.

  • Live inventory management means your customers get immediate confirmation on bookings.
    Presenting what's available on free-sell means that orders are confirmed right away. Shows that are sold-out or sections/prices/dates that become unavailable are not offered as an option, which reduces customer complaints and allows them to transact quickly and accurately.

  • Fulfillment is easy! Orders are processed instantly and automatically via the API. No manual order entry.
    API orders are seamlessly entered into the Broadway Inbound ticketing system. Confirmation numbers are generated instantly and sent back to you for delivery to the customer.

Our simple API gives you quick integration with your site—offering best available seating, free-sell inventory, and immediate confirmations. Or upgrade with additional calls that allow you to offer exact seating locations prior to purchase and up to the last seat inventory in each section. 

Whichever solution you choose, you’ll get full access to our wide inventory of live entertainment products, including Broadway, Off-Broadway, opera, ballet, and more. It's the most advanced way to offer live entertainment on your site, maintain your brand voice, and serve your customers.

For more information, please contact our Broadway Inbound sales team.

Allison French
Senior Director 

Jered Fournier
Senior Manager-Sales and Events