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2023 / 2024 Season at The Met


The Metropolitan Opera is a vibrant home for the most creative and talented singers, conductors, composers, musicians, stage directors, designers, visual artists, choreographers, and dancers from around the world. Tickets are now on sale for the Met's exciting 2023-24 season. Buy now to secure the best seats!

Un Ballo in Maschera
10/20/23 - 11/18/23



La Boheme​
10/10/23 - 1/13/24



12/31/23 - 5/25/24



Dead Man Walking
9/26/23 - 10/21/23



Fire Shut Up in My Bones
4/8/24 - 5/2/24



Florencia en el Amazonas
11/16/23 - 12/14/23



La Forza del Destino
2/26/24 - 3/29/24



The Hours
5/5/24 - 5/31/24



Madama Butterfly
1/11/24 - 5/11/24



The Magic Flute
12/8/23 - 12/30/30



9/28/23 - 1/26/24



El Nino
4/23/24 - 5/17/24



Orfeo ed Euridice
5/16/24 - 6/8/24



Romeo et Juliette
3/7/24 - 3/30/24



La Rondine
3/26/24 - 4/20/24



11/30/23 - 12/12/23



2/28/24 - 6/7/24



X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X
11/3/23 - 12/2/23




Spotlight on The Met: A Sneak Peek into The Metropolitan Opera's 2023-2024 Season. Broadway Inbound Recommendations for Group Experiences

On Stage 2023–24:

Un Ballo in Maschera, Giuseppe Verdi (OCT 20–NOV 18)

La Bohème, Giacomo Puccini (OCT 10–JAN 13)

Carmen, Georges Bizet (DEC 31–MAY 25)

Dead Man Walking, Jake Heggie / Libretto By Terrence Mcnally (SEP 26–OCT 21)

Fire Shut Up in My Bones, Terence Blanchard / Libretto By Kasi Lemmons (APR 8–MAY 2)

Florencia en el Amazonas, Daniel Catán / Libretto By Marcela Fuentes-Berain (NOV 16–DEC 14)

La Forza del Destino, Giuseppe Verdi (FEB 26–MAR 29)

The Hours, Kevin Puts / Libretto By Greg Pierce (MAY 5–MAY 31)

Laffont Grand Finals Concert, (MAR 17)

Lise Davidsen in Recital, (SEP 14)

Madama Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini (JAN 11–MAY 11)

The Magic Flute—Holiday Presentation, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (DEC 8–DEC 30)

Nabucco, Giuseppe Verdi (SEP 28–JAN 26)

El Niño, John Adams (APR 23–MAY 17)

Orfeo ed Euridice, Christoph Willibald Gluck (MAY 16–JUN 8)

Verdi’s Requiem, (SEP 27–SEP 30)

Roméo et Juliette, Charles Gounod (MAR 7–MAR 30)

La Rondine, Giacomo Puccini (MAR 26–APR 20)

Tannhäuser, Richard Wagner (NOV 30–DEC 23)

Turandot, Giacomo Puccini (FEB 28–JUN 7)

X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X, Anthony Davis / Libretto By Thulani Davis / Story By Christopher Davis (NOV 3–DEC 2)

The Metropolitan Opera, affectionately known as ‘The Met,’ hails as one of the world's leading opera companies. Founded in 1883, it symbolizes a rich and enduring history that spans almost 140 years of spectacular performances. It is located in the very center of New York City's bustling cultural hub, Lincoln Center, and is home to a host of international talent, world-class productions, and innovative initiatives that have shaped the landscape of opera both in the United States and globally.

The Met's significance in the theatre industry is unparalleled. It is renowned for its commitment to quality, showcasing only the most exceptional voices and theatrical talent. It is a testament to the power of opera to stir the soul, make hearts flutter, and bring the magic of storytelling to life through music. The house’s repertoire spans the breadth of opera, from the classics of European masters to exciting new works from contemporary composers. 


At Broadway Inbound, we believe The Metropolitan Opera is an essential destination for group experiences. The very architecture of The Met is a testament to the grandeur of the performances it hosts. With its iconic arches, the grand chandelier, and the Marc Chagall murals, it is a work of art in itself. The Met is a spectacle that sets the stage for the magic that unfolds.

From the world-renowned sopranos and tenors to the accomplished orchestra, chorus, and ballet company, each performer embodies a high degree of skill, dedication, and passion. Their performances tell stories that transcend language and culture, reaching out to touch the hearts of the audience. From the drama of the arias to the stirring orchestral accompaniments, every note, every movement, and every expression contributes to a symphony of feelings that make a visit to The Met a truly memorable experience.


Another indelible aspect of The Met’s success is the attention to detail, visually stunning sets, and lavish costumes. They are designed to transport audiences to different worlds, times, and realities. Whether it's the heart-wrenching tragedy of La Traviata, the enchanting fairy-tale world of The Magic Flute, or the sweeping historical drama of Aida, each opera is a journey of the senses. The Met is, without a doubt, a remarkable choice for those searching for a shared experience that is not only entertaining but also rich in cultural value. 


The Metropolitan Opera's 2023-2024 season provides a diverse line-up of shows that cater to audiences with various levels of classical knowledge. The season is a beautiful blend of timeless masterpieces sharing the stage with fresh, innovative productions. From the passionate flamboyance of Bizet's Carmen to the suspenseful narrative of Dead Man Walking, the season spans a wide spectrum of themes and styles that ensure every night at The Met is a unique experience.

Verdi's Requiem is as much a dramatic exploration of human emotion as it is a sacred liturgical work. Verdi, one of the most celebrated composers in opera history, composed this requiem in memory of the Italian poet and novelist Alessandro Manzoni. The piece is a remarkable blend of operatic intensity and religious devotion, marked by Verdi's signature melodic richness and dramatic flair. At The Met, audiences can look forward to the arresting production of Verdi's Requiem, which captures the full gamut of complex human feelings surrounding death. From the thunderous terror of the “Dies Irae,” reflecting the fear of one's own mortality, to the poignant yearning of the “Agnus Dei,” expressing a profound spiritual longing, each section of the requiem is a journey into the depths of human nature.

Another famous work of Verdi's, Nabucco, also found its place on the Met’s stage this year. This opera not only catapulted the Italian composer to fame but brought him back to composing after he had vowed never to take up the trade again. Set against the backdrop of the brutal Babylonian captivity of the Jews, Nabucco is a riveting tale of historical injustice, power, and love. The opera is renowned for its dramatic intensity, powerful choral scenes, and the hauntingly beautiful "Va, pensiero," often regarded as an unofficial anthem of Italy. The Met's rendition of Nabucco is a spectacle of grand proportions. The historical setting provides a canvas for visually stunning set designs and lavish costumes, transporting audiences back to an ancient era of kings and prophets. But at its core, Nabucco is a deeply human story. It delves into themes of power and its abuse, the struggle for freedom, and the complexities of love and familial relationships.

Madama Butterfly 2023-2024 offers audiences an opportunity to immerse themselves in Puccini's masterpiece. The opera tells a heartrending tale of love, betrayal, and sacrifice set against the picturesque background of Nagasaki, Japan. Cio-Cio San, the eponymous ‘Butterfly,' is a young geisha who gives up everything for an American naval officer, Pinkerton, only to face the devastating consequences of his betrayal. The Met's production of Madama Butterfly is poised to bring this tragic narrative to life with a combination of striking visuals, nuanced performances, and Puccini's achingly beautiful score. The opera is replete with moments of profound emotion - Butterfly's hopeful anticipation of Pinkerton's return, the poignant "Un bel di," and the harrowing climax, all revived on the modern stage by a great troupe of artists starring Xian Zhang.

La Boheme, another of Puccini's timeless works, is ready to stun its viewers this season. The opera tells about young love amidst the bohemian world of 1830s Paris. At its heart is the story of the poet Rodolfo and the seamstress Mimi, whose blossoming romance is set against Mimi's declining health and the social challenges of the time. The Met's production captures the lifestyle and vibrancy of bohemian Paris with visually stunning sets and costumes. The performers, with their emotive power and vocal prowess, bring to life the joys, sorrows, and struggles of the young artists. Puccini's beautiful score, filled with signature melodies, further enhances the emotional depth of the narrative.
If you are planning to visit the Met during the winter holidays, be sure to catch the enchanting opera The Magic Flute. This family-friendly opera takes audiences on a mythical journey, navigating trials of virtue, wisdom, and love. The narrative is a charming blend of romantic quests, royal riddles, and whimsical characters set in a fantastical dimension. The production does justice to the unique blend of whimsy and mysticism that characterizes The Magic Flute. The opera's sublime music, ranging from the virtuosic coloratura of the Queen of the Night's arias to the soulful melodies sung by Prince Tamino and the bird-catcher Papageno, is performed by The Met's accomplished performers like Ying Huang, Matthew Polenzani, Nathan Gunn, and René Pape. And with decorations and direction by the renowned Julie Taymor, the opera is sure to mesmerize. 

The 2023-2024 season would not be complete without a fresh take on Bizet's classic opera, Carmen. This passionate tale has stood the test of time, captivating audiences with its bold characters and unforgettable music. The story centers around Carmen, a free-spirited Romani woman, and her tumultuous relationship with Don José. The Met's rendition of Carmen breathes new life into this enduring classic by shifting the narrative to a contemporary setting. This innovative approach allows a fresh exploration of the opera's timeless themes, making them even more relevant and resonant for today's audience. The production goes deep into the heart of the drama, bringing to light issues of gendered violence, abusive labor structures, and the struggle to break free from societal constraints. This contemporary staging of Carmen further demonstrates The Met's commitment to not only preserving the tradition of opera but also pushing its boundaries. By reframing the narrative in a modern context, The Met is inviting audiences to engage with the opera on a deeper level, to question, to reflect, and to find new meanings. 

X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X, is a groundbreaking contemporary opera that forms part of the 2023-2024 season. Composed by Anthony Davis with a libretto by Thulani Davis, the opera presents the life story and legacy of the legendary civil rights leader, Malcolm X. From his early years and criminal past to his conversion to Islam and his role as a civil rights advocate, the opera provides a nuanced exploration of Malcolm X's journey. This long-awaited production is a powerful rendition of this significant work. With its talented cast, the performance is set to portray the complexities of Malcolm X's character, his struggles, and his evolution, backed by Davis' innovative score that blends elements of jazz, blues, and classical music.
One of the highlights of the 2023-2024 season is the riveting opera Dead Man Walking. Based on the true story and subsequent book by Sister Helen Prejean, it tells the powerful tale of a Louisiana nun who becomes the spiritual advisor to a convicted murderer on death row. The opera, with music by Jake Heggie and a libretto by Terrence McNally, has received critical acclaim since its premiere in the year 2000 for its emotionally charged narrative and its thought-provoking exploration of themes like redemption, forgiveness, and the human capacity for change. The Met's production brings this gripping tale to life with its signature flair for dramatic storytelling. The set design captures the bleak, stark reality of prison life, while the performances evoke the raw, visceral emotions that lie at the heart of the story. The score, a blend of lyrical melodies and dissonant harmonies, underscores the tension of the plot.

Rounding out the season, The Hours is a compelling opera based on Michael Cunningham's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and the subsequent film adaptation. The narrative weaves together the experiences of three women from different eras, each profoundly affected by Virginia Woolf's novel, Mrs. Dalloway. These interconnected stories explore themes of identity, fulfillment, and the complex emotions surrounding life and death. The Met's production creates an intricate, emotionally charged story. The opera will transport you across time and space, from Woolf's 1920s England to a 1950s Los Angeles suburb, to a late 20th-century New York City, reflecting the universal resonance of the themes like mental health, identity and selfhood, femininity, and the passage of time.


With so much to see, The Metropolitan Opera offers the unique opportunity for shared experiences, witnessing world-class performances that are both emotionally stirring and intellectually engaging. The Met's diverse repertoire also provides groups with the chance to explore a wide range of operatic genres. From the timeless classics of Puccini and Verdi to contemporary works, The Metropolitan Opera’s sound may change with time, but its tune remains ever-exquisite.


Broadway Inbound's services make planning a group visit to The Met a hassle-free process. Our team ensures the convenience and accessibility of group bookings, providing streamlined ticketing services and assistance every step of the way. So, whether you're a local New Yorker or a visitor to the city, let the Met's upcoming season be a part of your cultural itinerary.