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Make it unforgettable! Enhance your group's Broadway experience with educational and enlightening workshops and behind-the-scenes tours.  

Taught by Broadway professionals, workshops and master classes are a great way to enrich the theatrical experience. Perfect for students of all ages, social groups, and corporate team-building, workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of any group. We offer a broad range of class subjects, including dance, vocal and instrumental music, acting, auditioning, improvisation, and technical theatre.

It's the perfect way to transform a trip to New York into an experience of a lifetime!




Workshops are designed for all ages, from students to adults; however most classes are appropriate for kids ages 10 and up. Our workshop team will be happy to tailor an experience for a younger group.

Most workshops are priced for 20+ people, but we can accommodate smaller groups. Workshop studios can accommodate various group sizes, so depending upon the style of class and number of participants, larger groups may need to be split into different studio spaces with separate teaching artists.

Space in our studios is limited, so we allow one chaperone per 10 students, with a maximum of four. If additional parents and chaperones would like to attend or watch a workshop, the normal participation fee will apply.

For every 20 paid participants, we provide an additional complimentary pass, to be used by participants/students taking the workshops.

Most workshops are 60-90 minutes, with some exceptions.

Most workshop take place in the morning; however start times can be customized, based on your group’s schedule and the time of your group’s performance. Please keep in mind that many of our teaching artists are active theatre professionals, so scheduling must be done around their showtimes.

Most workshops take place in Broadway rehearsal studios in the Times Square area. Workshops for some larger groups, choruses, and orchestras may take place outside of the theatre district, due to space limitations. All effort is made to ensure groups can easily get to their performance.

Most workshops are active, and participants should be dressed comfortably. For dance workshops and classes, attendees should bring movement clothes and appropriate footwear.

Each workshop is private and designed just for your group’s abilities, age range, special needs, level of experience, and show you are attending.

Our workshops are custom designed just for your group, so even a theatre novice can enjoy and learn.

To help us tailor the experience, it is helpful for our teaching artists to know the age range of participants, level of experience, special requests (a specific show, scene, musical number), and any special needs.

Let our team know what you’d like to accomplish, and we can help you customize. Our teaching artists (actors, musicians, designers, technicians) have a wide range of professional experience and are excited to craft their workshops around a particular show or technical need.